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Posted 30 May 2013. PMN Crop News.

ZeroTol 2.0 Effectively Reduces Bacterial Blight in Lilacs

Source: BioSafe Systems LLC Press Release.

East Hartford, Connecticut (May 14, 2013)--BioSafe Systemsí ZeroTol 2.0 has been proven to reduce bacterial blight on contact, proving to be an effective treatment option. Bacterial Blight is a vicious disease for many ornamental crops and it causes small black or brown spots on leaves and stems of plants.


A 2012 research study conducted by Oregon State University evaluated the effectiveness of ZeroTol 2.0 against bacterial blight in lilacs. In one evaluation, results found that ZeroTol 2.0 signifi cantly reduced bacterial blight incidence by up to 65%. Similarly, the disease severity (%shoots with 50% blight) was reduced by 60-90% in ZeroTol 2.0 treated bushes.

ZeroTol 2.0 is an effective broad spectrum bactericide/fungicide that increases plant health and reduces losses. ZeroTol 2.0ís two powerful active ingredients, H2O2 and PAA, work in unison as a contact chemistry to reduce populations of dormant spores and active disease organisms.