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Posted 26 June 2014. PMN Crop News.

DuPont Pioneer Supports Canola Council of Canada Managing Clubroot

Source: DuPont Pioneer Press Release.

Chatham, Ontario (June 18, 2014)--DuPont Pioneer will continue to work with the Canola Council of Canada and within the industry to address management strategies for clubroot. Clubroot in canola is an economical disease of great importance for Western Canada which can cause up to 80% yield loss in infected canola fields.


On Monday, the Canadian Canola Council announced the discovery of a new clubroot pathotype that can overcome current forms of clubroot resistance. The new pathotype was confirmed in the Edmonton region in June 2014.

"DuPont Pioneer is proud to have brought the first source of clubroot resistant canola hybrids to the marketplace in 2009. We remain committed to research, leading the industry to develop new forms of resistant hybrids, and to maximize the life of our current resistant hybrids," said Ian Grant, business director for DuPont Pioneer Canada.

As the leader in clubroot resistant hybrids, Pioneer is dedicated to working with growers to maximize the use of existing tools until new tools can be developed in the coming years.

Growers should remember and apply the following ‘Three P' management practices:

Prevent infestation

• Avoid infection every year with each crop through good stewardship practices

• Clean and disinfect equipment, vehicles and boots

• Practice soil conservation to reduce soil movement

• Avoid use of straw, hay, green feed, silage and manure from infested or suspect areas

• Avoid use of seed of any crop (for example wheat seed) harvested from infected field

• Keep host weeds in check

Practice rotation

• Rotate crops to manage spore loads - the longer the rotation the better

Protect fields

• Scout fields regularly and carefully

• Plant clubroot resistant canola - like Pioneer hybrids with the Pioneer Protector clubroot resistance trait in both infected and clean fields

"There is no immediate solution, but as an industry we need to do what we can to make the most of the tools that we have," said Grant. "Pioneer sales representatives will be available to consult with growers on best strategies for managing clubroot, while the DuPont Pioneer world class research and development team works on developing longer-term strategies."

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