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Posted 27 May 2014. PMN Crop News.

Nealta Miticide Receives EPA Registration

BASF introduces a miticide that provides control of mites at all life stages

Source: BASF Crop Protection Press Release.

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (May 13, 2014)--BASF announced today that Nealta® miticide received full, unconditional registration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The miticide is labeled for use on treenut (including almonds and pistachios), grape, strawberry, apple and pear crops, providing growers with a powerful miticide that can be used as part of an effective integrated pest management program.


With a unique site of action not found in any other miticide in the US, Nealta miticide delivers residual control of mites at all life stages. Cyflumetofen, the active ingredient in Nealta miticide, is highly effective against mites that have developed resistance to other acaricides.

“The introduction of Nealta miticide creates a new integrated pest management tool for growers,” said Doug Haller, Product Manager, BASF. “Its unique site of action makes Nealta miticide an excellent resistance management tool.”

Nealta miticide is compatible with predatory mites such as Western predatory mites and Phytoseiulus persimilus, as well as beneficial insects.

Nealta miticide also offers a short pre-harvest interval, application flexibility and tank-mix compatibility. Nealta miticide is backed by BASF, the same partner behind proven innovations like Pristine® fungicide, Merivon® fungicide, Treevix® herbicide and Altrevin® fire ant bait insecticide.

Altrevin, Merivon, Nealta, Pristine and Treevix are registered trademarks of BASF.