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Posted 29 July 2014. PMN Crop News.

Chromatin and ACI Launch New Sorghum Products in Algeria

Source: Chromatin Inc. Press Release.

Chicago, Illinois (July 1, 2014)--Chromatin, Inc., an agriculture technology company, and its collaborator ACI, an Algerian seed distributor, announced today they have demonstrated superior hybrid sorghum seed products in North Africa.


Under its agreement with Chromatin, ACI will distribute new and improved hybrid sorghum seeds across the North African region to help meet the growing demand for highly nutritious animal feed.

ACI is taking a leadership role in bringing high quality sorghum seeds to this region. “We identified this opportunity, based on our understanding of the needs of our customers to access and grow a consistent supply of high quality animal feed,” said Mr. Rabah Allam, the President of ACI.

Sorghum has a unique ability to conserve water resources while producing high yields of grain and biomass on marginal land, making it an ideal crop choice for the dry and arid North African region.

Chromatin and ACI premiered the new products in a field day in Zeralda, Algiers, Algeria attended by over 175 stakeholders including farmers, seed retailers, feed manufacturers, Representatives from the Government of Algeria, as well as the President of the Milk Producers Association of Algeria, Mahmoud Benchekour.

“Everyone is very excited by the performance of our new sorghum hybrids which reach local seed markets for the first time this year,” said Charles Miller, Chromatin’s Director of Business Development and International Sales.

The products are especially suited for the rapidly growing dairy industry which consumes large quantities of crop biomass known as forage. Chromatin has developed highly digestible sorghum hybrids that can significantly improve milk production yields. “There is no milk without forage,” said Mahmoud Benchekour.

This international sorghum agreement brings Chromatin’s Sorghum Partners® brand into Algeria and Northern Africa. “This effort exemplifies our ongoing strategy to expand into global markets,” said Jeff Widder, Executive Vice President of Chromatin, Inc. “We are very pleased with the rapid adoption of our market-leading products.”

Charles Miller