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Posted 27 May 2014. PMN Crop News.

Introducing the Plant Health App: Home of Turf MD and Tomato MD

Source: The American Phytopathological Society Press Release.

St. Paul, Minnesota (May 20, 2014)--We're proud to announce the most ‘App-ening’ event of 2014: the launch of the APS PRESS Plant Health app, available for iPad and iPhone (iOS) devices. Plant Health serves as a portal to the new APS app collection, which includes Turf MD and Tomato MD.


Golf course superintendents, sports turf managers, turf scientists, extension professionals, and anyone else responsible for turfgrass health will find TURF MD invaluable. This interactive reference for identifying and managing turfgrass diseases is just $2.99 and includes…

• Peer-reviewed images

• Diagnostic keys

• Decision support tools

• Management recommendations

• A directory of turf extension sources for more information

Master and hobby gardeners, professional growers, and consultants can use TOMATO MD to identify and manage nearly 30 key diseases, insects, and physiological disorders of tomatoes. The app, just $1.99, is full of images and tips on everything from cultural to chemical management.

What sets both apps apart is their content, which is peer-reviewed by expert plant pathologists through APS PRESS to ensure high-quality, reliable information in a non-technical format.