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Posted 30 April 2002. PMN Crop News.

Regiment® CA Herbicide Controls Watergrass for California Rice Growers

Valent U.S.A. Corporation.

Walnut Creek, CA (April 25, 2002) - Rice growers know how critical it is to get control of yield-robbing watergrass before it gets too large. Weed control programs are built around controlling watergrass while it is very small. Now registered by the federal and California Environmental Protection agencies, Regiment® CA Herbicide offers rice growers a wider application window to ease their weed control headaches.

A postemergence rice herbicide, Regiment, marketed by Valent U.S.A. Corporation, has excellent contact activity against certain annual and perennial grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds. It has a wide application window for watergrass and can be applied to even the most resistant watergrass from the one- to two-tiller stage. Regiment may be applied to rice after the 3-leaf stage until the green ring stage.

Regiment gives producers much more freedom in their weed control programs,” said John McClendon, Valent market segment manager. “Growers are going to love the value they get from including Regiment in their weed control program.”

Regiment provides relief for farmers who are “choked-up with herbicide resistant watergrass,” said Dr. Albert Fischer, a weed scientist at University of California at Davis.

“In our experiments, Regiment seems to be performing well in terms of substantial suppression of resistant watergrasses at the recommended rates,” said Fischer, who has been working with the product for three years. “Regiment allows us to do a very good job with watergrass even when plants are fairly large.”

Additionally, Regiment makes for an excellent product to clean up in a program approach behind Bolero® Herbicide, which can be used to control smallflower umbrellaplant and sprangletop. It can also be tank mixed with other products such as Abolish®, which delivers contact and residual activity against many tough rice weeds like sprangletop and aquatic weeds, McClendon added.

Another major problem some California rice growers face is herbicide-resistant biotypes of watergrass, sometimes known as rice mimic -- a form of the grass that looks like rice.

“Over the centuries, weed control was done by hand,” said Greg Rich, Valent product development manager. “These watergrass biotypes look very similar to rice and have been selected by years of hand-weeding. The continuous use of certain herbicides has allowed further selection of these biotypes and they are now resistant to many of the herbicides in use.

“One of the beautiful things about Regiment is that it provides excellent control of these biotypes,” he added.

Dr. Lorenzo Pope of Rice Researchers, Inc., said he is proud of Valent for following through with the difficult process of registering Regiment in California.

“It is a major challenge in California to register a new compound, and I am aware it is very expensive,” said Pope, a rice producer who has been testing Regiment for years. “Valent could have easily been derailed … I believe there is hope for the future because of companies like Valent.”

Pope added that Regiment is a product for the future.

“The old standby chemistry may not continue to be available for us, so we need to look for some new tools,” he said. “I think Regiment is going to be a valuable addition to our weed-fighting tools, and such a product minimizes the fear of losing current chemicals for weed control in the future.”

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