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Table 1 from:

Liu, B., Roos, D., Buttler, S., Richter, B., and Louws, F. J. 2012. Vegetable seedling diseases associated with earthworm castings contaminated with Phytophthora capsici and Pythium attrantheridium. Online. Plant Health Progress doi:10.1094/PHP-2012-0421-01-RS.

Table 1. Species identification based on the Blast search of the isolate sequences.

Type Isolates Plant Accession
Species Similarity
Phytophthora735 cucumber GQ337919 P. capsici 100 DQ069293
Phytophthora738 tomato P. capsici 100 DQ069293
Phytophthora739  pepper P. capsici 100 DQ069293
Pythium735  cucumber GQ337920 P. attrantheridium 100 EU109570
Pythium736 tomato P. attrantheridium 100 EU109570
Pythium739 pepper P. attrantheridium 100 EU109570
from worm castings
Cast739-1.1 GQ337921 P. capsici 100 DQ069293
Cast739-1.2 P. capsici 100 DQ069293
Cast736-1.1 P. spinosum 95 AF331090
Cast736-1 P. spinosum 95 AF331090
Cast738-4 P. intermedium 95 EF078693
Cast739-6 P. intermedium 100 EF078693
Cast739-6.1 GQ337922 P. attrantheridium 100 EU109570

All the isolates for DNA sequence analysis listed in the table are from one farm.

 x The GenBank accession numbers of Phytophthora and Pythium sequences deposited from this research.

 y The GenBank accession numbers of Phytophthora and Pythium sequences in GenBank match to the sequences from this research.

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