Fig. 8.  Phytoplasma phylogenetic tree constructed by parsimony analysis of full 16S rRNA gene sequences from 42 phytoplasmas and 6 members of the class Mollicutes. Phytoplasmas: EY1, American elm yellow; ULW, French elm yellows; FD, Flavescence dorée; CLY, Cherry lethal yellowing; JWB, Jujube witches'-broom; CP, Clover proliferation; AshY, Ash Yellows; LfWB, Loofah witches'-broom; LY, Coconut lethal yellowing; LDY, Yucatan coconut lethal decline; LDT, Tanzanian coconut lethal decline; PPWB, Pigeon pea witches'-broom; RYD, Rice yellow dwarf; BVK, from leafhopper Psammotettia cephalotes; SCWL, Sugarcane whiteleaf; CX, Canada peach X-disease; WX, Western X-disease; TWB, Tsuwabuki witches'- broom; VAC, Vaccinium witches'-broom; CYE, Clover yellow edge; PnWB, Peanut witches'- broom; SPWB, Sweet potato witches' -broom; SUNHP, Sunn hemp witches'-broom; WBDL, Lime witches'-broom (Candidatus Phytoplasma aurantifolia); FBP, Faba bean phyllody; APS, Apple proliferation; PD, Pear decline/ Italy; AT, Apple proliferation; PPER, Peach decline; BAWB, Buckthorn witches'-broom; SAY, Western severe aster yellow; AAY, American aster yellow; AY1, Maryland aster yellow; OAY, Oenothera aster yellow; MIAY, Michigan aster yellow; ACLR (AY), Apricot chlorotic leafroll; BB, Tomato big bud; CPh, Clover phyllody; STOL, Stolbur of pepper; VK, Vergilbungskrankheit (grapevine yellows); AUSGY, Australian grapevine yellow (Candidatus Phytoplasma australiense) and PYL, Phormium yellow leaf. Other members of Mollicutes: Genus Acholeplasma: A. modicum, A.palmae and A. laidlawii; Genus Anaeroplasma: An. abactoclasticum, An. varium, and An. bactoclasticum

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