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Symposium Proceedings

Increasing Concerns about
Helicoverpa zea Susceptibility to Pyrethroids
in the Midwestern USA

  Annual Meeting of the
North Central Branch of the
Entomological Society of America

26 to 29 March 2006

Bloomington, Illinois


• Introduction to the Symposium
Introduction by W. D. Hutchison and R. A. Weinzierl

• Evidence for Decreasing Helicoverpa zea Susceptibility to Pyrethroid Insecticides in the Midwestern USA
Review by W. D. Hutchison, E. C. Burkness, B. Jensen, B. R. Leonard, J. Temple, D. R. Cook, R. A. Weinzierl, R. E. Foster, T. L. Rabaey, and B. R. Flood

• Helicoverpa zea Trends from the Northeast: Suggestions Towards Collaborative Mapping of Migration and Pyrethroid Susceptibility
Review by Shelby Fleischer, Greg Payne, Thomas Kuhar, Ames Herbert Jr., Sean Malone, Joanne Whalen, Galen Dively, David Johnson, Jo Anna Hebberger, Joe Ingerson-Mahar, Doug Miller, and Scott Isard

• Monitoring for Pyrethroid Resistance in the Bollworm (Helicoverpa zea) in Texas: Trends from 2003-2005
Review by Patricia V. Pietrantonio, Terry A. Junek, Roy Parker, Ed Bynum, Greg Cronholm, Glen Moore, Dale Mott, Chris Sansone, Kerry Siders, and Noel Troxclair

• Alternatives to Pyrethroids for Management of Helicoverpa zea in Sweet Corn, Seed Corn, Tomatoes, and Peppers
Review by Richard Weinzierl

• Potential Impact of Pyrethroid Resistance in Helicoverpa zea to the Midwest Processing Industry: Sweet Corn and Snap Beans
Review by Brian R. Flood and Thomas L. Rabaey

• Perspectives from the Crop Protection Industry Suggestions for Collaborative Resistance Management
Review by Caydee Savinelli, John Immaraju, Chuck Schiller, David Rogers, Venkat Pedibhotla, Phil Robinson, Mark Dekeyser, Gary D. Thompson, Bruce Stanley, Chuck Staetz, Rob Hummel, Graham Head, John Wrubel, and Joe Chamberlin

• Improving our Understanding of Helicoverpa zea Migration in the Midwest: Assessment of Source Populations
Review by Michael A. Sandstrom, David Changnon, and Brian R. Flood