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Physoderma Brown Spot and Stalk Rot of Corn
Caused by Physoderma maydis in Iowa

Alison E. Robertson, Laura Jesse, Gary Munkvold,
Erika Salaau Rojas, and Daren S. Mueller

article: DOI:10.1094/PHP-BR-15-0003

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MOV file (27 MB) showing a stalk infected with Physoderma brown spot easily and audibly snapping at a lower node: download


Robertson, A. E., Jesse, L., Munkvold, G., Salaau Rojas, E., and Mueller, D. S. 2015. Physoderma brown spot and stalk rot of corn caused by Physoderma maydis in Iowa. Plant Health Progress doi:10.1094/PHP-BR-15-0003.