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F&N Tests and B&C Tests

Editorial Board for PDMR, Volume 3:

Daniel Egel, Purdue University: egel@purdue.edu

Cereals and Forage Crops
Charla R. Hollingsworth, University of Minnesota (Assigning Editor)
Guy Boyd Padgett, LSU AgCenter

Citrus, Tropical, Vegetables, and Miscellaneous Crops
Bob Larkin, ARS, USDA, University of Maine (Assigning Editor)
David Langston, University of Georgia
Brian Olson, Dow AgroSciences
Pam Roberts, University of Florida
Kenny Seebold, University of Kentucky
Steven Rideout, Virginia Polytechnical Insitute
Andy Wyenandt, Rutgers University
Shaker Kousik, ARS, USDA, Charleston
Jeff Miller, Miller Research LLC

Field Crops
Alan Henn, Mississipi State University (Assigning Editor)
Carl Bradley, University of Illinois
Martin A. Draper, USDA CSREES
Mohamed F. R. Khan, North Dakota State University
Alemu Mengistu, USDA, ARS

Nematicides (all crops)
Richard Davis, ARS, USDA, Tifton, GA (Assigning Editor)

Ornamentals and Trees
Colleen Warfield, University California, Davis (Assigning Editor)
Megan Kennelly, Kansas State Univeristy

Pome Fruits
Dan Cooley, University of Massachusetts (Assigning Editor)

Seed Treatments (all crops)
Robert Kemerait, University of Georgia (Assigning Editor)
Lindsey du Toit, Washington State University

Small Fruits
Charles Johnson, Virginia Polytechnical Insitute (Assigning Editor)
Jim Mertely, University of Florida

Stone Fruits and Nuts
Norman Lalancette, Rutgers University (Assigning Editor)

Frank Wong, University of California, Riverside (Assigning Editor)
Phillip Harmon, University of Florida