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A merger of the APS online publications
F&N Tests and B&C Tests

Each report in Plant Disease Management Reports is assigned a distinct publication number by volume. The publication number appears at the bottom of each page of any report. Each volume, in turn, is assigned a doi number (Digital Object Identification number) to assure that the publication volume may be found even if the URL of the website changes.

Volume 07 (reports for 2013) are assigned doi:10.1094/PDMR07

Volume 06 (reports for 2012) are assigned doi:10.1094/PDMR06

Volume 05 (reports for 2011) are assigned doi:10.1094/PDMR05

Volume 04 (reports for 2010) are assigned doi:10.1094/PDMR04

Volume 03 (reports for 2009) are assigned doi:10.1094/PDMR03

Volume 02 (reports for 2008) are assigned doi:10.1094/PDMR02

Volume 01 (reports for 2007) are assigned doi:10.1094/PDMR01

F&N Tests Volume 61 (2006) is assigned doi:10.1094/FN61

F&N Tests Volume 60 (2005) is assigned doi:10.1094/FN60

F&N Tests Volume 59 (2004) is assigned doi:10.1094/FN59

F&N Tests Volume 58 (2003) is assigned doi:10.1094/FN58

F&N Tests Volume 57 (2002) is assigned doi:10.1094/FN57

F&N Tests Volume 56 (2001) is assigned doi:10.1094/FN56

F&N Tests Volume 55 (2000) is assigned doi:10.1094/FN55

B&C Tests Volume 21 (2006) is assigned doi:10.1094/BC21

B&C Tests Volume 20 (2005) is assigned doi:10.1094/BC20

B&C Tests Volume 19 (2004) is assigned doi:10.1094/BC19

B&C Tests Volume 18 (2003) is assigned doi:10.1094/BC18

B&C Tests Volume 17 (2002) is assigned doi:10.1094/BC17

B&C Tests Volume 16 (2001) is assigned doi:10.1094/BC16

Recommendation for citation of a report:

Egel, D. S. and Hoke, S. 2007. Evaluation of fungicides for the control of downy mildew of pumpkin, 2006. Plant Dis. Manag. Rep. 1:V019. Online publication. doi: 10.1094/PDMR01

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