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A merger of the APS online publications
F&N Tests and B&C Tests

Editorial Board for PDMR

Kenneth Seebold, Valent USA

Cereals and Forage Crops
Tom Allen, Mississippi State University (Assigning Editor)
Bob Kemerait, University of Georgia
Heather Young Kelly, University of Tennessee

Citrus, Tropical, Vegetables, and Miscellaneous Crops
David Ouimette, Dow AgroSciences (Assigning Editor)
Shane Zhou, Texas A&M
Amanda Gevens, University of Wisconsin
Gary Vallad, University of Florida
Steve Bost, University of Tennessee
Bhabesh Dutta, University of Georgia
Ron French, Texas A&M
Beth Gugino, Penn State University
Claudia Nischwitz, Utah State University

Field Crops
Alan Henn, Mississippi State University (Assigning Editor)
Kiersten Wise, Purdue University
Jason Woodward, Texas AgriLife Extension Service
Nick Dufault, University of Florida
Travis Faske, University of Arkansas
Nathan Kleczewski, University of Delaware
Trey Price, LSU AgCenter

Nematicides (all crops)
Tamra Jackson, University of Nebraska, Lincoln (Assigning Editor)

Ornamentals and Trees
Colleen Warfield, Ball Horticultural Company (Assigning Editor)
Heather Scheck, County of Santa Barbara, CA

Pome Fruits
Kerik Cox, Cornell University (Assigning Editor)
Nicole Ward, University of Kentucky

Seed Treatments (all crops)
David Langston, Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Assigning Editor)
Jenny Glass, Washington State University

Small Fruits
M. Mahfuzur Rahman, West Virginia University (Assigning Editor)
Annemiek Schilder, Michigan State University

Stone Fruits and Nuts
Dan Cooley, University of Massachusetts (Assigning Editor)

Maria Tomaso-Peterson, Mississippi State (Assigning Editor)
Lee Miller, University of Missouri
John Inguagiato, University of Connecticut

Materials Under Trial
Leah Granke, Dow AgroSciences

The American Phytopathological Society