Report No. 10:CF030
Sorghum, sweet and forage : Sorghum bicolor 'M81-E'; Sorghum bicolor 'SS405'
Anthracnose: Colletotrichum sublineolum

Impact of anthracnose on yield parameters and anthracnose severity on forage and sweet sorghum, 2015.

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First Author: Austin Hagan, Auburn University

Additional Authors: K. Bowen, K. Burch, H. Miller

Section: Cereal and Forage Crops

Keyword(s): biomass yield loss, sugar content, Brix, ADM

Geographical location: Alabama, United States

Products Tested: Headline

Active chemical(s): Pyraclostrobin

Biological Control:

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): BASF Corporation

Publication date: March 7, 2016

The American Phytopathological Society