Report No. 10:CF049
Wheat: Triticum aestivum AgriPro Brand 'Branson'
Fusarium head blight; Speckled leaf blotch: Fusarium graminearum; Septoria tritici

Evaluation of fungicides for control of foliar diseases and Fusarium head blight of soft red winter wheat in Kentucky, 2015.

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First Author: Carrie Knott, University of Kentucky

Additional Authors: J. James; E. Swiggart

Section: Cereal and Forage Crops


Geographical location: Kentucky, United States

Products Tested: Equation 2.08 SC; Equation XL; Folicur; Fortix; Fungi-Phite; Prosaro; Quadris; Quilt XCEL; Topguard EQ

Active chemical(s): Azoxystrobin; Azoxystrobin + Propiconazole; Tebuconazole; Floxastrobin + Flutriafol; mono- and di-potassium salts of Phosphorus Acid; Prothioconazole + Tebuconazole; Azoxystrobin; Azoxystrobin + Propiconazole; Azoxystrobin + flutriafol

Biological Control:

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): Cheminova; Cheminova; Bayer CropScience; Arysta + Cheminova; Verdesian; Bayer CropScience; Syngenta; Syngenta; Cheminova

Publication date: September 5, 2016

The American Phytopathological Society