Report No. 11:N026
Carrot: Daucus carotasubsp. sativus ‘Imperator 58’
Southern root-knot nematode: Meloidogyne incognita

Novel nematicides for root-knot nematode management in fresh market carrot production, 2016.

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First Author: J. Ole Becker, Department of Nematology, University of California

Additional Authors: A. Ploeg, J. Nunez

Section: Nematode Management (all crops)


Geographical location: California, United States

Products Tested: Nimitz 480 EC; Salibro 500 SC; Velum One 400 SC

Active chemical(s): Fluensulfone; Fluazaindolizine; Fluopyram

Biological Control: 1. MeloCon; Purpureocillium lilacinum (syn. Paecilomyces lilacinus) strain 251; Certis USA; 2. Majestene; heat-killed Burkholderia spp. strain A396 cells and spent fermentation meal

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): ADAMA; DuPont; Bayer CropScience

Publication date: August 4, 2017

The American Phytopathological Society