Report No. 11:V103
Potato: Solanum tuberosum 'Dark Red Norland'
Silver scurf; Black dot: Helminthosporium solani; Colletotrichum coccodes

Evaluation of treatments for control of silver scurf and black dot of potato in Wisconsin, 2016.

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First Author: S.A. Jordan, University of Wisconsin Madison

Additional Authors: S. Macchiavelli Giron, A.J. Gevens

Section: Citrus, Tropical, Vegetables, and Miscellaneous Crops


Geographical location: Wisconsin, United States

Products Tested: Double Nickel; Elatus; Emesto Silver; Maxim MZ; Phostrol; Quadris; Reason; Regalia; Serenade ASO; Serenade Soil; Velum Prime; Quadris

Active chemical(s): Bacillus amiloliquefaciens; Azoxystrobin + Benzovindiflupyr; penflufen + prothioconazole; fludioxinil + Mancozeb; Mono- and di-potassium salts of Phosphorous Acid; Azoxystrobin; Fenamidone; Reynoutria sachalinensis extract; Bacillus subtilis; Bacillus spp.; Fluopyram; Azoxystrobin

Biological Control:

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): Certis; Syngenta; Bayer CropScience; Syngenta; Nufarm Americas Inc.; Syngenta; Bayer CropScience; Marrone Bio Innovations; Bayer CropScience; Bayer CropScience; Bayer CropScience; Syngenta

Publication date: March 7, 2017

The American Phytopathological Society