Report No. 5:PF001
Apple: Malus x domestica ‘McIntosh’ ‘Red Delicious’
Apple Scab: Venturia inaequalis

Evaluation of fungicides and fungicide combinations for control of apple scab, 2009.

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First Author: D.J. Anco, Ohio State University

Additional Authors: M.A. Ellis

Section: Pome Fruits


Geographical location: Ohio, United States

Products Tested: Manzate Pro-Stick; LEM 17; Captec; YT 669 2.08SC; Flint; Topguard; Dithane Rainshield; Captan 80 WDG; USF 2016A; Inspire Super

Active chemical(s): Mancozeb; Unknown; Captan; Picoxystrobin unknown; Trifloxystrobin; Flutriafol; Mancozeb; Captan; Experimental; Difenoconazole + cyprodinil

Biological Control: BPF1 WP; a proprietary mixture of bacteria, plant and microbial extracts, and biorational products; Absolute Brower Products LLC.

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): DuPont; DuPont; Arysta; DuPont; Bayer CropScience; Cheminova; Dow AgroSciences LLC; Arysta; Bayer CropScience; Syngenta

Publication date: March 28, 2011

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