Report No. 9:SMF019
Strawberry: Fragaria x ananassa 'Camerosa'
Anthracnose fruit rot; Botrytis fruit rot: Colletotrichum acuatum; Botrytis cinerea

Evaluation of products for anthracnose and Botrytis fruit rot control in annual strawberry, 2014-2015

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First Author: James Mertely, University of Florida-GCREC

Additional Authors: T. Seijo, N.A. Peres

Section: Small Fruits

Keyword(s): black spot

Geographical location: Florida, United States

Products Tested: Cohere; Abound; Quilt XCEL; Captan Gold 80WDG; Merivon; NuFilm P; SR-9059 SC 20%; Approvia

Active chemical(s): Alkanolamide surfactants; Azoxystrobin; Azoxystrobin + Propiconazole; Captan; Fluxapyroxad + Pyraclostrobin; Pinene (terpene) Polymers, petrolatum, (p-Dodecylphenyl), Omega-hydroxypoly (oxyethylene); Proprietary; solatenol

Biological Control: 1. Actigard; acibenzolar-S-methyl; Syngenta. 2. Actinovate; Streptomyces lydicus; Monsanto

Biorational Product:

Manufacturer(s): Helena Chemical Company; Syngenta; Syngenta; Arysta; Bayer CropScience; Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Company; Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.; Syngenta

Publication date: August 1, 2015

The American Phytopathological Society