Steven C. Bost, University of Tennessee

Section Editors 
Field Crops
  Charla R. Hollingsworth, University of Minnesota
  Charles S. Johnson, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  Melvin A. Newman, University of Tennessee
  J. Allen Wrather, University of Missouri

Fruits and Nuts
  Steven C. Bost, University of Tennessee

Ornamentals and Trees
  Timur M. Momol, University of Florida

Potato and Tomato
  Robert P. Larkin, ARS, USDA, University of Maine

  Ned A. Tisserat, Kansas State University

  Mark C. Black, Texas A&M University
  Michael E. Matheron, University of Arizona

Biological and Cultural Tests for Control of Plant Diseases is published annually by The American Phytopathological Society utilizing volunteer authors and editors and APS staff. It is intended to serve plant pathologists, nematologists, agronomists, horticulturists, foresters, extension specialists and agents, consultants, and others submitting or needing information on current plant disease control results. Objectives are to publish test reports so that results are available when current-season activities are being planned and to provide a permanent reference for information on performance of biological and cultural controls of plant disease. The interest, participation, and work of all who assisted with the preparation of this publication are acknowledged and appreciated.  

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This publication is a compilation of research reports from contributing authors. It contains no recommendation for use of these products and methods; mention of products and methods does not imply that the uses reported will work in all circumstances or that they are registered if need be by state or federal agencies. Mention of a product or method does not imply endorsement or guarantees by The American Phytopathological Society or by organizations or individuals contributing to this publication and does not imply endorsement over similar products not mentioned.

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