Welcome to F&N Tests Online. Fungicide and Nematicide Tests publishes more than 2,800 reports that provide the information you need to improve disease control in the field. Check F&N for test results on new fungicides and nematicides or learn about new findings with older products.

Published annually, F&N Tests provides fungicide data from the following crops: pome fruits; stone fruits and nuts; small fruits; vegetables; cereal and forage crops; field crops; turfgrass; ornamentals and trees; citrus, tropical, and miscellaneous crops, as well as seed treatments and nematicides from all crops; plus a comprehensive list of the active ingredients and common names of the products listed in the section entitled “Materials Under Trial.”

Access to this product
F&N Tests online will combine this years' reports with the reports of past and future years to provide a comprehensive, searchable database. All volumes will have open access to browse contents and to search index files, but actual report documents will be available to F&N Tests subscribers only.

Functionality of F&N Tests online
Reports are captured and delivered in the pdf format. This file type preserves the integrity of the original document formatting. Pdf files require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open, view, and print. You may download this free reader by clicking the Acrobat Reader logo below. Follow the links on the Adobe systems, Inc. site for installation instructions.

Open a report document either by clicking a link in any "Reports by Sections" file, or from the link within each index file. Index files are displayed when using the search functionality. Each report opens in the main window, and the left side navigation panel remains in view. You will discover, however, that you can slide the navigation frame to the left by selecting and dragging the gray bar with your cursor (#1 in figure). This will increase the size of the main window. You may increase the magnification of the document by using the percentage window in the bottom left corner of the Reader (#2 in figure)

It is important to note that the reports print out with much more fidelity than the display on your computer screen. It is also important to note that you must use the print button on the Reader tool bar to print the reports (#3 in figure).

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