Richard N. Raid

Section Editors 
David Rosenberger, Pome Fruits 
Keith S. Yoder, Stone Fruits and Nuts 
Peter R. Bristow, Small Fruits 
Wade H. Elmer, Vegetables 
Lawrence E. Datnoff, Vegetables 
Richard N. Raid, Vegetables; Citrus, Tropical, and Miscellaneous
     Crops; and Materials for Testing in 2000 
David P. Weingartner, Nematicides 
Dean A. Komm, Cereal and Forage Crops 
Richard E. Baird, Field Crops 
Boyd Padgett, Field Crops 
William W. Bockus, Seed Treatments 
Gail L. Schumann, Turf Grass 
Austin K. Hagan, Ornamentals and Trees 
Stephen S. Adams, Materials Under Trial 

Publication of Fungicide and Nematicide Tests is a cooperative project to serve plant pathologists and nematologists. It involves many persons interested in improving plant disease control by testing new fungicides and nematicides and by improving the use of older products. 

Publication objectives are 1) to publish annual test reports so that results are available when current season activities are being planned, 2) to provide a permanent reference for information on performance of fungicides and nematicides, 3) to list sources of fungicides and nematicides for testing, and 4) to publish special reports and reference material on subjects related to fungicide and nematicide testing. Suggestions are welcome. 

Members of the New Fungicide and Nematicide Data Committee for 1999-2000 are P. Vincelli (chair), D. A. Rosenberger (vice chair), R. E. Baird (immediate past chair), R. N. Raid (editor), G. T. Berggren, B. A. Fulling, T. L. Kirkpatrick, C. S. Kousik, A. A. MacNab, B. S. Sipes, T. B. Sutton, L. W. Timmer, and W. F. Wilcox.

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Important Notice to Users of This Volume
Fungicide and Nematicide Tests is a compilation of research reports of fungicide and nematicide tests from contributing authors. It contains no recommendations for the use of these products; nor does it imply that the uses discussed have been registered by federal or state agencies. Mention of a product does not constitute or imply endorsement or guarantees by The American Phytopathological Society, the New Fungicide and Nematicide Data Committee, universities, federal or state agencies, or other organizations or individuals contributing to this issue; nor does it imply endorsement over similar products not mentioned.

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