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A few search tips

If you are looking for items that contain more than one key word, type the word and between key words. For example, if you are looking for fusarium and soybean, type the following in the search box:

fusarium and soybean

The results of this search will be items that contain both words, fusarium and soybean.

To find all items that contain either fusarium or soybean, but not necessarily both key words within each item, type:

Fusarium or soybean

To find all items that contain fusarium, but exclude those items that also contain soybean. type:

fusarium and not soybean

To find all items that contain either soy or soybean, or any word that starts with the three letters soy, type:


Try using combinations of these techniques to get the exact results you want.

To find specific articles by volume and report number from cited references, try typing in the volume number and report number (surrounded by quotation marks) like this example:


To avoid repeating a search when clicking on one of the listed items returned by the search engine, use the back function of your browser to return to the list of found items.

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