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Description of PMN Resources

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• Focus on Soybean An online portal for growers and crop consultants seeking information on producing healthy, high-yielding soybean crops. Features webcasts from top experts on soybean crop production, protection, and management.

• Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR) Volumes include more than 250 reports on soybean fungicides, nematicides, and biological controls. PDMR’s purpose is to help users determine the most effective chemical and nonchemical pest management agents for particular pests and to ensure maximum effectiveness/minimum use in terms of application. More than 5,000 reports in total cover other field and specialty crops.

• Arthropod Management Tests Efficacy reports of insecticides and miticides for soybeans and other crops. Helps producers and consultants determine the most effective chemicals and brands in managing insects and also to ensure maximum effectiveness/minimum use in terms of application rates.

• Fungicides for Field Crops Manual An online book that provides an overview of the current knowledge of fungicides and their use on nearly 20 field crops that is useful to growers and those who advise them.

• PMN Partner Extension Search A comprehensive, searchable collection of agricultural and horticultural extension materials provided by PMN's land-grant university partners. Quickly find thousands of documents related to the protection and management of soybeans and other crops.

• PMN Cross-Journal Search This resource helps you search abstracts of premier applied journals, like Crop Management, the Agronomy Journal, Weed Science, and more. These abstracts give users bottom line research results to help guide practitioners with management decisions.

• Symposium/Meeting Proceedings A collection of proceedings on topics related to agriculture and horticulture, including the 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009 Soybean Rust Symposia.

• Crop Management A peer-reviewed, applied journal covering crop management practices, crop nutrients, and production agriculture. Focuses on maximizing yield and value for soybean and other crops.

• Plant Health Progress A peer-reviewed, applied journal focusing on plant protection. Covers plant disease, entomology, and nematology of agricultural and horticultural crops, including soybeans.

• PMN Image Collections A collection of more than 4,000 plant disease and agricultural images for disease identification, class illustrations, and presentations.

• PMN Plant Science Database A searchable collection of agricultural and horticultural solutions provided by supporting partners in the industry and nonprofit sectors. These solutions include management recommendations, product listings, fact sheets, and more.

• PMN Update A free monthly newsletter produced by PMN that summarizes PMN's latest industry news and research articles.
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