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Iíve recently become aware of this electronic resource and am requesting your opinion. Please review the Plant Management Network ( for consideration as an electronic resource available on the college network.

The Plant Management Network includes four journals and several online resources, including:

  • Applied Turfgrass Science
  • Crop Management
  • Plant Health Progress
  • Forage and Grazinglands
  • Biological & Cultural Tests for Control of Plant Diseases
  • Fungicide & Nematicide Tests
  • Arthropod Management Tests
  • Soybean Rust Information Center
  • PMN Image Collections
  • PMN Education and Training Center
  • Plant Science Database

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If you feel PMN's materials are a suitable complement to your educational programs, please reply with comments and feedback, or submit your evaluation via the online recommendation from at

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PLANT MANAGEMENT NETWORK is the first-stop multidisciplinary Internet source for applied plant science information and communication. The network is a not-for-profit collaboration of academic institutions, scientific and professional societies, industry, and governmental agencies, serving stakeholders worldwide.



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