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Libraries Subscribing to PMN


Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute

Department of Primary Industries-Queensland


Universidade Estadual Paulista

University of Sao Paulo


Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

University of Alberta

University of British Columbia

Health Canada

UniversitÚ Laval

McGill University

NorthWind Land Resources

Olds College

University of Saskatchewan


Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences


University of Copenhagen


Direction Regionale de l'Agriculture et de la Foret/Services Regionaux
          de la Protection des Vegetaux, Midi Pyrenees


Ente Nationale Risi

UniversitÓ degli Studi di Padova


American University of Beirut

New Zealand:

Lincoln University



National Institute of Education


Universidad de Sevilla/BTCA, General Universitaria

United States of America:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

University of Alaska

University of Arizona

University of Arkansas

Brigham Young University - Idaho

University of California - Davis

California Polytechnic State University

Clemson University

Colorado State University

Cornell University

Delaware Valley College

University of Florida

University of Georgia

University of Idaho

University of Illinois

Illinois Central College

Illinois State University

Iowa State University

Kansas State University

University of Kentucky

Louisiana State University

University of Maryland

University of Massachusetts

Michigan State University

University of Minnesota

Mississippi Delta Community College

Mississippi State University

University of Missouri

Montana State University

University of Nebraska

New Mexico State University

North Carolina State University

North Dakota State University

Northern Virginia Community College

Ohio State University

Oklahoma State University

Oregon State University

Penn State University

Purdue University

Rutgers University

Sam Houston State University

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

South Dakota State University

Southern Illinois University

University of Tennessee-Knoxville

University of Tennessee-Martin

Tennessee State University

Texas A&M University

Utah State University

Virginia State University

Virginia Tech University

Washington State University

West Virginia University

University of Wisconsin

University of Wyoming

Corporate Subscribers:

Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd.


Nippon Soda Ltd.

Nissan Chemical Industries

Dupont Pioneer

Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.