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What Others Are Saying About PMN

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What Others Are Saying About PMN

“We strive to not only deliver a top-notch education, but to also train our students to use the best possible educational resources throughout their careers and to be lifelong learners. In the face of an ever-changing environment and continual advances in the agricultural sciences, it’s imperative that professionals have access to current information. Plant Management Network fills this need. It is an affordable resource that we suggest graduates maintain throughout their work lives.”

-- Jim MacDonald
    Executive Associate Dean
    College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
    University of California, Davis

“We’re especially supportive of PMN because it is a not-for-profit resource made possible by a collaboration of first-rate agricultural science organizations. The value PMN offers users is extensive and continues to grow each year. All institutional library subscribers are receiving a tremendous resource that serves so many disciplinary departments within a college of agriculture.”

-- Ken Frazier
    Director of Libraries
    University of Wisconsin

“PMN has been so useful for teaching – especially in our culminating Capstone Course. Today’s students want to access information online. Using PMN as a go-to resource for case studies has really helped students pull together what they’ve learned and does a nice job of preparing them for their professional careers.”

-- Jim Doolittle
    Professor and Agronomy Adviser
    Plant Science Department
    South Dakota State University

“The PMN site keeps adding publications and features. As an extension professional and educator, PMN becomes more and more useful as it grows.”

-- Jim Chatfield
    Extension Specialist
    Ohio State University

"PMN is designed to fit the lifestyle of today's student and tomorrow's professional crop consultants, extension specialists, and golf course and other production managers. With its applied research and broad-spectrum multidisciplinary components, they'll look to PMN for solutions now and throughout their careers and PMN is available whenever they need it - 24/7 on the Internet. I believe that PMN will support and serve well the emerging profession of plant medicine"

-- Bob McGovern
    Professor and Director
    Doctor of Plant Medicine (DPM) Program
    University of Florida