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Number 63: April 24, 2007

Dow AgroSciences Partners with PMN

Plant Management Network welcomes new industry partner
Dow AgroSciences LLC. Based in Indianapolis, IN, USA, Dow AgroSciences is a top tier agricultural company providing innovative crop protection, pest and vegetation management, seed, and agricultural biotechnology solutions to serve the world's growing population. Dow does this through a people-centric performance culture, through its commitments to sustainable development and environmental stewardship, and through collaborations with world-class institutions.

For information on the partners program contact

Phil Bogdan, PMN partner relations manager.

March 2007 Is Record Month
PMN traffic and readership is steadily increasing. Last month, March 2007, constituted a new monthly record with over 25,000 visitors.

NPDN Proceedings Posted
The Proceedings of the 2007 Meeting of the National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN) is now available, including PowerPoint presentations, posters, event photographs, and meeting notes. NPDN was established to facilitate the rapid detection and accurate diagnosis of pathogens and pests introduced to the United States as a consequence of global trade, natural weather occurrences, or intentional introductions. More>>

Past Proceedings Indexed
PMN has now published the proceedings of seven symposia and meetings. A new Index to Proceedings
is now available. It can be found under Proceedings
on the Resources tab on the PMN homepage. To inquire about publication of a proceedings, contact
the PMN Editorial Office.


Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR) Now Available
he first-ever volume of Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR) was published April 2007. Published reports compare the disease management potential of fungicides and nematicides, biological materials, cultural techniques and varieties. PDMR is a publication of the American Phytopathological Society and is available exclusively to PMN subscribers and partners. PDMR combines the former publications F&N Tests and B&C Tests, of which previous volumes remain available through the PDMR site. PDMR is available under the Resources tab on the PMN homepage.

Editorís Pick: Plant Health Progress
Asiatic citrus canker was under an extensive eradication program in south Florida when Hurricane Wilma crossed the state in 2005. Tim Gottwald and Michael Irey used a predictive model to estimate the distance the pathogen was disseminated beyond the eradication zone. Their findings, in part, resulted in a change in federal and state regulations toward eradication of the pathogen in Florida citrus.

Positions Available

*Formulation Specialist
*Soil and Nutrition Management Educator
*Integrated Fruit Practices / IPM Educator
*Plant Pathology Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist

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New Articles from
Forage and Grazinglands

Automating Measurement of Forage Mass in Pasture       Public Summary | Article


Application of Manure to
Established Stands of Alfalfa
and Alfalfa-Grass       
Public Summary | Article

Organic Grassfed Beef on April 27 "Today's Ag"       Article
Livestock Concerns with Salvaging Damaged Wheat Crops       Article
Managing Freeze-Damaged Alfalfa       Article
Handbook of Forage and Rangeland Insects Available Now Available       Article
Fertilizing Smooth Bromegrass Pastures       Article

New Articles from
Plant Health Progress

Post-hurricane Analysis of Citrus Canker II: Predictive Model Estimation of Disease Spread and Area Potentially Impacted by Various Eradication Protocols Following Catastrophic Weather Events       Public Summary | Article


First Report of
euphorbiae on
Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)
 in Norway  
Public Summary | Article

Phytophthora citricola
Causes a Stem Canker in Black Walnut (Juglans nigra
Public Summary | Article
Detection of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus
from Wampee (Clausena lansium Skeels) by Nested PCR      

Public Summary | Article

Vine Mealybug Life Stage Influences Response to Insecticides       Article

Latest Plant Health Research to be Presented in San Diego       

Experts, Farmers on Lookout for Asian Soybean Rust Again This Year       

Pesticide Registration Improvement Renewal Act (PRIA II): Congress Should Reauthorize PRIA Swiftly       

Genes Foil Hessian Flies' Feeding on Wheat       

Brown Rot Shrivels Prune Production in California       

Scholar and Graduate Receive MRLs for Canadian Export      

New Virus Attacks Melons, Cucumbers and Squash       

Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education: Call for Concept Notes       

BASF Formally Applies Its Innovation to the U.S. Nursery & Greenhouse Markets       

Applied Turfgrass Science

Turf Covers for Winter Protection of
Bermudagrass Golf Greens       
Public Summary | Article
Color and Shoot Regrowth of Turf-type Crested Wheatgrass Managed Under Deficit Irrigation      
Public Summary | Article
Evaluation of New Fungicides and Surfactants for the Management of Fairy Ring Associated with Lycoperdon sp. in Bermudagrass      
Public Summary | Article


Disease Alert: Large
Patch in Warm-Season Turfgrasses     Article

Q4 Herbicide Receives California Registration    Article
Phoenix Environmental Care LLC Adds Hawk-I™ Insecticide to Product Line-up       Article
Syngenta Announces EPA Registration of Meridian Insecticide for Turf       Article


New Articles from Crop Management

Use of Methoxyfenozide (Intrepid) and Bifenthrin (Capture) for Management of Southwestern and European Corn Borers in Conventional Field Corn in Arkansas       Public Summary | Article
Influence of Glyphosate Tank-mix Combinations and Application Timings on Weed Control and Yield in Glyphosate-resistant Soybean       Public Summary | Article
Gibberellin Applied to the Rice Main Crop Increases Ratoon-Crop Yield       Public Summary | Article


Evaluating the Economic Benefits and Costs of Zero-Grade Rice       Public Summary | Article

CD Makes Information Accessible to Farmers with Disabilities       Article
Syngenta Names New Herbicide Designed for GT Corn       Article
Get Corn off to a Good Start with Band-Applied Fertilizers       Article
SDSU Publication: Flax Variety Evaluations       Article
Bee Colony Collapse Disorder Is Ag Threat       Article
Herculex(r) RW Advances Toward EU Approval With Positive Scientific Safety Opinion       Article
Take Risks, Benefits and Recommendations Into Account When Planting Soybeans Early       Article
Maxcel Plant Growth Regulator Approved for Use on Pears In U.S.        Article

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