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Number 63: May 24, 2007

Douglas Karcher Is PMN e-Review Editor

Effective May 2007, Doug Karcher, University of Arkansas, has taken the position of e-Review Editor for PMN’s four peer-reviewed journals: Applied Turfgrass Science, Crop Management, Forage & Grazinglands, and Plant Health Progress. In this capacity, he will oversee the routing of manuscripts through Manuscript Central, PMN’s online submission and review tracking system. As such, Doug will be the primary point of contact for authors, reviewers, and editors who have questions or problems regarding the submission or review routing process. He will also monitor Manuscript Central’s functionality and make adjustments as allowed within the confines of the software. Those seeking help with Manuscript Central should contact PMN’s e-Review Editor at

PMN Gains 15 Institutional Subscribers

Plant Management Network is happy to welcome the following institutional subscribers: 
Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Dow AgroSciences
E.I. DuPont
Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute
Estonian Agricultural Research Centre
Health Canada
Mississippi Delta Community College
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
Singapore National Institute of Education
Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd.
Tennessee State University
Université Laval
University of Sao Paulo
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

A complete list of nearly 70 subscribing institutions is available online.


Plant Health Progress Editor's Pick


Sudden oak death has had tremendous impact in forests and nurseries on the West coast. In this month's Editor's Pick, Norman Dart and Gary Chastagner used USDA-APHIS Emergency Action Notifications to trace the dollar loss of ornamental plants in retail nurseries in Washington State. The average loss was over $13,000 per nursery for plant material over a 2-year period but hidden costs for required mitigation efforts added to the total loss. 

PMN Adds Proceedings Link
Plant Management Network has now published seven proceedings from various symposia and meetings. To locate them, see "Proceedings" under the Resources tab on the PMN homepage. Proceedings may be published either as a collection of materials (posters, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) from the event, like the 2007 National Plant Diagnostic Network Meeting, or written and published within a peer-reviewed journal, as were papers from the Organic Agriculture Symposium. For more information, contact the PMN editorial office. 
Positions Available

*Director, Irish Agriculture &
 Food Development Authority
*Formulation Specialist
*Plant Pathology Assistant Professor &
 Extension Specialist

See postings at PMN’s Employment/Internship Posting Service. Internships and job listings may be submitted through PMN’s electronic form.

Applied Turfgrass Science
Monthly Flurprimidol Applications Reduce Annual Bluegrass Populations in a Creeping Bentgrass Fairway     Summary | Article

Freeze Tolerance of Seed- and Vegetatively-Propagated Bermudagrasses Compared with Standard Cultivars     Summary | Article

FMC Professional Solutions Launches New Segway Fungicide      Article

GoldWing Plant Growth Regulator the Latest Addition to the Phoenix Environmental Care LLC Product Line     Article
First Year of Two-Year Turf Grass Drought Study Complete; More Research Needed     Article


New Articles from
Forage and Grazinglands

Georgia Farmers Struggle to Feed Herds in Drought     Article
Little Change Seen in Livestock Sector Despite High Corn Costs     Article
Texas-Sized Sorghum: New Solution for Fuel? Article
SDSU Specialists: Watch for Grass Tetany This Spring     Article
Do the Math Before Creep Feeding     Article
Haying, Grazing Freeze-Damaged Wheat May be Option for Some     Article

Variety Trials Results:   Home
Wisconsin 2006 Grass
Wisconsin 2006 Red Clover
Wisconsin 2006 Alfalfa

New Articles from
Plant Health Progress

Winter Cover Crops Reduce Bacterial Wilt of Flue-cured Tobacco     Summary | Article

Glomerella acutata
Highbush Blueberry
(Vaccinium corymbosum L.)
in Norway 
Summary | Article

Estimated Economic Losses Associated with the Destruction of Plants Due to Phytophthora ramorum Quarantine Efforts in Washington State 
    Summary | Article
Occurrence of Begomovirus Associated with Yellow Vein Mosaic Disease of Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) in Northern India     Summary | Article

Colletotrichum acutatum
Found on Apple Buds in Norway     Summary | Article
Increasing Outbreaks and Impact of Iris yellow spot virus in Bulb and Seed Onion Crops in the Imperial and Antelope Valleys of California     Summary | Article

Maps Predict Path of Destructive Citrus Pest     Article

Palm Mite
Is Red Threat
on the Horizon


Scientists Pit Fungus Against Potato Pest     Article
Ethanol "Leftover" Has Weed-Fighting Potential     Article
Decimation of Bee Colonies Has Various Causes, With Parasites, Pathogens and Pesticides Possible Suspects, Cornell Expert Says     Article
Possible New Control for Whiteflies Discovered     Article

ARS Research
Leads o Deep
Cuts in Pesticide
Use in California

Artificial Diet Used to Rear Adult Insects From Larvae  
Planting Wheat Blends Means Higher Yields     Article
Plant Pathologists Fighting Global Threat to Wheat Supply     Article
EPA Approves New Formulation of Scholar Fungicide     Article
New Lettuces Shrug Off Verticillium Wilt     Article
Tip for Greenhouse Growers: Add Silicon     Article
USDA Issues Federal Order to Halt Spread of
Light Brown Apple Moth  
Agdia’s Easy-to-Use, On-Site ImmunoStrip
Identifies Hard-to-Detect Cymbidium Mosaic
and Odontoglossum Ringspot Viruses in Orchids   
Black Cutworm Moth Flights Picking Up in Midwest     Article

Responsible for
Deadly Maize



New Articles from Crop Management

Field Validation of Speed Scouting for Soybean Aphid     Summary | Article
Cool-season Weed Response to Flumioxazin     Summary | Article
Hulless Barley Response to Ethephon Application     Summary | Article
No-Till and Conventional-Till Effects on Spring
Wheat in the Palouse
     Summary | Article
Effect of Source and Rate of Nitrogen and Sulfur Fertilizer on Yield, Quality, and Mineral Composition of Stockpiled Tall Fescue     Summary | Article
Corn Yields Benefit in Rotations with Cotton     Summary | Article

An Educational Program on the Proper Timing of
Fall-applied Nitrogen Fertilizer 
    Summary | Article

Development of a Trigger-On Indicator for a Weed Sensing Spray Unit     Public Summary | Article

New SureStart Herbicide from Dow AgroSciences has Received Federal Registration     Article
Pioneer Introduces New Sunflower Hybrid with DuPont ExpressSun Trait     Article
Touchdown Total Approved for Extended Application Timing in Roundup Ready Flex Cotton     Article
Scientists Discover Cost- Effective Ways to Improve Crop Output in Uganda     Article
Precise Irrigation Could Boost Raspberry Health, Production     Article
Application Timing Is Key in Optimizing Returns     Article
Plan Ahead to Get the Most from Nitrogen Fertilizer on Corn     Article
Cornell's Supercomputers Will Crunch Weather Data to Help Farmers Manage Chemicals     Article
Save Fuel During Spring Planting     Article
It's OK to Apply Fungicides to Row Crops, But Don't Go Hog Wild     Article
New UC Studies Examine Cost of Producing Asparagus, Tomatoes, Alfalfa Hay, Grain Hay, Grapes, Almonds and Walnuts     Article
In Producing Ethanol, Some Cornstalks Should Be Left in the Field     Article
Be a Good Neighbor When Using Phenoxy Herbicides     Article

Variety Trial Results:     Home
Northern Idaho 2006 Spring Wheat
Northern Idaho 2006 Winter Wheat
Michigan 2006 Alfalfa
Montana 2006 Winter Wheat

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