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Number 54: July 25, 2006

USGA TERO Articles Linked through PMNís Plant Science Database

Over 100 articles published by USGA Turfgrass and Environmental Research Online (TERO) are now indexed and linked in the PMN Plant Science Database. TERO is an electronic journal containing USGA-funded research and published by the United States Golf Association. The journal is housed with the Turfgrass Information File at Michigan State University Librariesí Turfgrass Information Center. Searching the PMN database conveniently locates articles published in PMNís peer-reviewed journal, Applied Turfgrass Science, and other PMN turf related resources, together with TERO articles. The database also indexes PMNís other journals and resources together with resources provided by other PMN partner organizations.

New Articles from
Applied Turfgrass Science


Southern Chinch Bug Feeding Impact on St. Augustinegrass Growth Under Different Irrigation Regimes. Public Summary Article


Scotts Company Renames Fungo To Allban, Improves Label. Article

Greenfield Mini-Pivots With Improved Technology for Turf Market. Article

GreenCast Now Offers Superintendents Online Agronomic Solutions. Article

Instrata Fungicide from Syngenta Gives Superintendents a New Industry Standard to Control Snow Mold. Article

Phoenix Environmental Care LLC Adds T-Bird Fungicide to Product Group. Article

New Articles from Crop Management

Demarcating Management Zones for Site-Specific Farming Using Electromagnetic Induction and Yield Maps in Eastern Oregon. Public Summary | Article

Response of Peanut Cultivars to Seeding Density and Row Patterns. Public Summary | Article

Influence of Tillage on Corn and Soybean Yield in the United States and Canada. Public Summary | Article

New Oat Variety Released by North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station. Article

New Clearmax Herbicide Offers Enhanced Broadleaf Weed Control in Clearfield Wheat System. Article

TRIMAX PRO Rate Increase Brings Longer, Better Insect Control.

Tiny Wasps Help Keep Sweet Corn Worm-free and Customers More Satisfied. Article

Syngenta Revamps Names of Trusted Seed Treatments. Article

Pioneer Offers Enhanced Yield Mapping Service. Article

New Crop-Yield Study Casts Doubt on a Climate-Change Prediction  Article

Herbicide Research Aimed at Saving Time. Article

Crop Management
Variety Trial Results:

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Louisiana 2001 Grain Sorghum
Louisiana 2002 Grain Sorghum
Louisiana 2003 Grain Sorghum
Louisiana 2004 Grain Sorghum


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New Articles from
Forage and Grazinglands

Calves Weaned and Backgrounded on Pasture Respond to Pasture Nutritive Value and Supplements. Public Summary | Article

Influence of Cutting Time on Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) Sugar Content and Silage Fermentation. Public Summary | Article

The Contribution of Tunneling Dung Beetles to Pasture Soil Nutrition. Public Summary | Article

Fall and Spring Forage Production and Quality of Winter Cereals Seeded at Three Fall Dates. Public Summary | Article

Milestone and ForeFront R&P Herbicides: New Tools for Rangeland and Pasture Weed Management. Article

Livestock Management Essential in Drought Conditions. Article

Producers, Others Chewing over Standards for Grass-fed Beef. Article

SDSU Publication: Small Grain Forages and Herbicides. Article

New Articles from
Plant Health Progress

Managing Botrytis Gray Mold in Greenhouse Tomatoes Using Traditional and Bio-Fungicides. Public Summary | Article

Time to Check For Corn Rootworm Injury. Article

Parasitic Wasps Could Control Glassy-winged Sharpshooters. Article

New License May Aid Control of Citrus Weevils, Other Pests. Article

Scientists Create a Defense Plan Against Citrus Greening. Article

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