Plant Management Network News
Number 55: August 30, 2006

New Articles from
Forage and Grazinglands

Grazing-Tolerant Alfalfa Cultivars have Superior Persistence under Continuous and Rotational Stocking  
Summary | Article

GPS-Enabled Rising Plate Meter with Data Logging Capability  Summary | Article

Drought Conditions Force Tough Decisions for Livestock Producers  Article

Time to Focus on Creating Quality Silage Is Now  Article

Forage Producers Should Focus on Nutritive Value and Quality  Article

Summer Annual Forages Require Planning  Article

Livestock Producers Have Options for Dealing With Forage Shortage  Article

Using Soybeans as Forage Is Option in Droughts  Article

SDSU Study: Plant Nitrates Increase with Fertilizer N  Article

"Herald" Barley Benefits Farm Animals, Growers and Environment  Article

Producers Advised to Use Caution with Drought-Stressed Feed  Article

SDSU Specialists: Use Caution When Grazing Corn  Article

New Articles from
Applied Turfgrass Science

Creeping Bentgrass Tolerance and Annual Bluegrass Control With Bispyribac-Sodium Tank-Mixed With Iron and Nitrogen   SummaryArticle

Performance in the Transition Zone of Two Hybrid Bluegrasses Compared with Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue   SummaryArticle

Recommended Seeding Rates for Reduced-maintenance, Turf-type Wheatgrasses  
  | Article

Segway and Golf Car Wear on Bermudagrass Fairway Turf   SummaryArticle

Harrier Brand Oryzalin added to Phoenix Environmental Care LLC Product Line  Article

Phoenix Environmental Care LLC adds Vital Sign to Product Group  Article

New Articles from
Plant Health Progress

Post-hurricane Analysis of Citrus Canker Spread and Progress towards the Development of a Predictive Model to Estimate Disease Spread Due to Catastrophic Weather Events  SummaryArticle

Toxicity and Field Efficacy of Acetamiprid on Asparagus Beetle   SummaryArticle

First Report of Phytophthora cambivora on Hybrid Rhododendron in North Carolina  SummaryArticle

First Report of Phytophthora ramorum Infecting Camellia Flower Buds in North America  Summary | Article

Insect Virus Could Spell Doom for Potato Pest  Article

First Wireless Data Logger from Dickson for Florists Unveiled  Article

What's Up, Doc? Maybe Less Air Pollution  Article

New Form of Fusarium Wilt Could Pose Threat to Watermelon Crop  Article

USDA Laboratory Confirms Plum Pox Virus in Michigan  Article

New Data Confirms Herculex RW, Herculex XTRA Protect Corn Roots Better Than Other Technologies  Article

The Latest Buzz on Russian Bees  Article

Genetic Gumshoes Trace Fungus' Turn to Serious Crop-Crime  Article

Seven-year Glitch: Cornell Warns that Chinese GM Cotton Farmers are Losing Money Due to 'Secondary' Pests  Article

New Pinto Beans Resist White Mold  Article

Pioneer Introduces New Varieties With Peking Source of SCN Resistance in Midwest  Article

USDA Laboratory Confirms Plum Pox Virus in New York  Article

Hurricane Fungicide from Syngenta Provides Ornamental Growers With Single Solution for Root-Rot  Article

City Trees Blighted by Plant Disease and Environmental Stresses  Article



New Articles from Crop Management

OSU Releases New Wheat Varieties  Article

High Irrigation Prices Today May Give Way to Profits Next Year  Article

Conservation Tillage Helps Growers Save Time, Money, the Environment  Article

Texas and Israeli Irrigators Give Plants the Last Word  Article

ARS Software Tackles Weeds  Article

Prowl H2O Herbicide Approved for Citrus in Florida  Article

Rising Temperatures and Plant Productivity  Article

DuPont Launches MAXIMUS Rapeseed Hybrids in Europe  Article

Field Pea Production on the Plains  Article

Warming Up to Cuphea: Seeds get Special Treatment after Cold Storage  Article

Shedding Light on Manure Nutrients  Article

Switching to Switchgrass Makes Sense  Article

K-State Agronomists Give Tips on Drought-Stressed Alfalfa  Article

New Center will Help Oregon Farmers be Certifiably Good  Article

Triazine Herbicides Make the Grade  Article

Bayer CropScience Gets “Wired” in Western Horticulture  Article

Pioneer Helps Growers Maximize Soybean Market Opportunities  Article

Study Probes How Cow Foot Baths Reduce Crops and Contribute to Fields' Copper Loads  Article

EPA Extends Registration For Monsanto's Bollgard Insect-Protected Cotton Technology  Article

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