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Number 72: January 23, 2008

PMN Has Record Year of Site Traffic

The Plant Management Network has completed another record year for site traffic. Calendar year 2007 finished with over a quarter million unique site visitors—257,806 to be exact. Please consider PMN’s four peer-reviewed journals as a place to publish your latest applied plant science information and reach readers worldwide.

2007 Soybean Rust Proceedings Now Posted

The Proceedings of the 2007 National Soybean Rust Symposium is now posted on the PMN Soybean Rust Information Center. The recent symposium was successful in meeting a range of informational needs for a diverse group of stakeholders, including university, commodity, government, and industry participants. This is the third such symposium of which the proceedings of each are published on the PMN website.

Soybean Webcasts Available

The following webcasts are now available from PMN’s Focus on Soybean:

• Choosing Specialty Soybeans for the Right Niche Markets - Palle Pedersen

• Soybean Cyst Nematode: Biology, Scouting, and Management - Gregory Tylka

• Soybean Production - Shawn Conley

• Soybean Rust - Bob Kemerait

• Soybean Viruses - Loren Giesler

• Soybean White Mold - Craig Grau

• Sudden Death Syndrome - John Rupe

Acknowledgement of Reviewers: 2007

The Plant Management Network and the editors of Applied Turfgrass Science, Crop Management, Forage and Grazinglands, and Plant Health Progress wish to gratefully acknowledge the over 500 individuals who have served as reviewers in 2007. All submitted articles published in PMN’s journals are rigorously peer-reviewed and we thank those in the scientific community who have provided their generous time and talent in this process.

Plant Health Progress Editor's Pick

Beer drinkers take note. Hop stunt viroid, the causal agent of hop stunt disease, was detected for the first time in hop plants in North America. Kenneth Eastwell and Mark Nelson describe their efforts to identify which viroids are present in Washington state production regions and discuss the potential impact of these pathogens on U.S. hop production.

Positions Available

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*Graduate Student Assistantship – Extension
*Research Technologist I
*Dairy Science Advisor

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Plant Health Progress


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Applied Turfgrass Science


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