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Number 120: January 30, 2012

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PMN Produces First Executive Summary Webcast

Soy Checkoff  

Courtesy of the United Soybean Board, the Plant Management Network is now producing executive summary versions of its Focus on Soybean webcasts for the 2012 publishing year. These two- to five-minute webcasts are condensed versions of their original 15- to 45-minute talks. These summary webcasts offer bottom-line actionable information that is usable in the field. View the first executive summary webcast in this month’s “Soybean Seeding Rates” presentation.

Focus on Tomato Webcast Addresses Diagnostics

Tomato Diagnostics  

In this latest Focus on Tomato presentation, Dr. Christine Smart, Associate Professor at Cornell University, helps consultants, growers, and other practitioners identify appropriate antibody-based diagnostic tools to aid in pathogen identification. The webcast, titled “Antibody-based Diagnostic Tools for Identifying Tomato Diseases” describes the concepts behind commonly used tools such as indirect ELISA and immunostrip assays, and also discusses technologies that may improve disease diagnosis of tomato in the future.

New Webcast on Soybean Seeding Rates

Soybean Seeding  

While there are some advantages to higher plant populations, they do not always translate into higher yields. In the latest Focus on Soybean presentation, “Soybean Seeding Rates” by Bill Cox, Professor and Crop Scientist at Cornell University, helps consultants, growers, and other practitioners, particularly in the Northeast USA region, recommend or select seeding rates for soybean production.

Ag Drainage Management Covered in Focus on Corn

Drainage Management  

Much of the Corn Belt is dependent upon subsurface (tile) drainage to be productive. Even the best corn growing soils are poorly drained and could not be used for crop production before tile drainage was installed. In Focus on Corn’s latest presentation, “Ag Drainage Management Practices and Results,” Harold Reetz, Principal of Reetz Agronomics discusses the mechanics, practices, and benefits of drainage water management systems (DWMs). Among the positive results of using DWMs: reduced water and nitrate loss and increased crop yield.

Positions Available

  • Ag Consultant
  • Assistant Professor / State Plant Pathology Specialist
  • Cropping Systems Agronomist
  • Production Specialist II
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Boiler Refrigeration Maintenance Supervisor
  • Boiler & Refrigeration Operator/Mechanic
  • Solutions Agronomist
  • Assistant Professor - Field Crop Pathology
  • Assistant Professor – Mycology
  • Ag Biotech Operations – Program Manager (Technology Specialist)
  • Research Associate, Agronomy
  • R&D Agronomist

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Forage and Grazinglands

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Plant Health Progress

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Crop Management

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Corn Yield and Economic Return with Nitrogen Applied Through Drip Tubing  Public Summary |  Article

Irrigated Soybean Can Have a Small Response to Nitrogen Applied During Early Reproductive Growth  Public Summary | Article


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USDA Deregulates Monsanto’s First-Generation Drought-Tolerant Trait for Corn   Article

Oklahoma Wheat Producers Should Assess Topdress Needs  Article

Applied Turfgrass Science

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Establishment of Creeping Bentgrass in Annual Bluegrass Fairways Using Glyphosate and Interseeding  Public Summary | Article


Sports Turf Managers Fighting Bugs by Going Green  Article

Bluegrass, Fescue (Over)Seeding Season Can Start Now  Article

Book Addresses Salinity Management of Turfgrass Sites  Article

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