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Number 57: October 26, 2006

Louisiana State University Is PMN’s 30th Land-Grant Partner


The Plant Management Network welcomes the LSU College of Agriculture as its newest university partner. The College’s mission is to provide programs of excellence to educate undergraduate and graduate students of agriculture, environmental sciences, renewable natural resources, human sciences, quantitative sciences, and family and consumer sciences; to support and encourage research, public service, and other scholarly pursuits; and to further benefit the citizens of Louisiana, the nation, and the global community. PMN welcomes all U.S. land-grant institutions and agricultural institutions worldwide for the purpose of building a true network in the applied plant and agricultural sciences. A complete list of partners is available on the website. For information on the partners program contact Phil Bogdan, PMN partner relations manager.



NPDN National Meeting Notice

Registration and abstract submission for the first-ever national meeting of the National Plant Diagnostic Network, to be held January 28-31, 2007, in Orlando, FL, is now available. Complete meeting information is available online, including tentative program, abstract submission instructions, registration, and hotel. The Plant Management Network will publish abstracts and other meeting materials following the event.


PMN to Host
Plant Disease Management Reports

The 2007 volumes of the APS publications Fungicide and Nematicide Tests and Biological and Cultural Tests for Control of Plant Diseases will be merged into a new publication, Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR). “The change results from the recognition of the largely overlapping set of authors and users of the former two publications who will benefit from having the interrelated reports available from a single source,” said PDMR Editor-in-Chief Dan Egel. PDMR will be included in all PMN subscriptions at no additional cost. Submission guidelines are available online. More>>


ASA-CSSA-SSSA 2006 International Annual Meetings

The Annual Meetings of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America will be held in Indianapolis, IN, November, 12-16, 2006.

Extension Educator Position Available
An Extension Educator opening is now available on PMN’s Employment/Internship Posting Service.

New Articles from
Plant Health Progress

Use of Neonicotinoid Insecticides to Manage Cucumber Beetles on Seedling Zucchini. Public Summary | Article

Effect of Row Covers on Suppression of Bacterial Wilt of Muskmelon in Iowa. Public Summary | Article

Host Range of Itersonilia perplexans and Management of Itersonilia Petal Blight of China Aster.

Public Summary | Article

Imazethapyr Rate Responses for Wild Radish, Conventional Canola, and Imidazolinone-tolerant Canola. Public Summary | Article

A Comparative Analysis of Detection Techniques Used in US Regulatory Programs to Determine Presence of Phytophthora ramorum in Camellia japonica ‘Nucio’s Gem’ in an Infested Nursery in Southern California. Public Summary | Article

Influence of Messenger on Corn Yield and Mycotoxin Contamination in Mississippi. Public Summary | Article

Control of Strawberry Black Root Rot with Compost Socks. Public Summary | Article

Efficacy of Selected Insecticides for Management of the Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle on Wine Grapes Near Harvest.

Public Summary | Article

Pea Aphid Outbreaks and Virus Epidemics on Peas in the US Pacific Northwest: Histories, Mysteries, and Challenges. Public Summary | Article

Food Safety: From Farm to Fork.

NK Brand Seeds Introduces Herculex I Hybrids. Article

Switch Fungicide Receives New Label Uses and Crop Rotation Restrictions in California.

New NK Brand Hybrids Feature Agrisure RW Trait. Article

Researchers Decipher Eggplant Pest's Chemical Call.

LSU AgCenter Entomologist Says Leave Hibiscus Mealybug Management to Experts.

F&N and B&C Tests to Become Plant Disease Management Reports.

Scientists Pick Apart Fungus for Genetic Clues. Article

Killer Fungi.

Fighting Crop-Damaging Fungi With Bacteria. Article

Researchers Bioengineer Plants Resistant to Devastating Pathogen.

Recycled Paper and Compost Could Both Be Key Tools to Control Plant Disease.


New Articles from Applied Turfgrass Science

Management Guides:
A Guide to Establishing Seeded Zoysiagrass in the Transition Zone.

Public Summary | Article

MSU-Developed Sod Has Worldwide Appeal.

New 'Dwarf' Winter Turf Grass Released.

New Comprehensive Guide for Landscape Professionals.

Now's the Time to Prevent Large Patch in Warm-Season Turfgrasses.

Avocet Brand Aquatic Glyphosate Added to Phoenix Environmental Care LLC Product Line. Article

Lawn Disease Causing Light, Dollar-Size Spots. Article

New Articles from Crop Management

Impact of Tillage and Crop Rotation on Spring Wheat Yield: I. Tillage Effect. Public Summary | Article

Impact of Tillage and Crop Rotation on Spring Wheat Yield: II. Rotation Effect. Public Summary | Article

Transitioning into Organic Grain Production: An Economic Perspective. Public Summary | Article

Pioneer Focuses on Developing Drought-Tolerant Corn. Article

Kale, Cabbage, Mustard Make Hot Fall Plantings.

NDSU Research Supports Corn’s Growth. Article

Pioneer Offers 20 New Soybean Varieties for 2007. Article

Iowa Seed Directory Offers Quality Seed Options for Spring. Article

New Fertilizer SRM Can Help Control Heavy Metal Content. Article

Modern Corn Production Makes More Efficient Use of Nitrogen Fertilizer. Article

Organic and Integrated Farming Key to Lowering Nitrogen Leaching. Article

Crop Removal is Expensive, UMN Soil Scientist Says. Article

Unheated Greenhouse Project Offers Growers Hopes of Profitability from Longer Growing Season. Article

Producers Should Consider Double-Cropping Wheat. Article

New Articles from
Forage and Grazinglands

Economic Analysis of Forage Mixture Productivity in Pastures Grazed by Dairy Cattle. Public Summary | Article

Research Aims for More Efficiency in Harvest and Handling. Article

Feed and Fuel: Forage Specialists Apply Their Expertise to Bioenergy Research. Article

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