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Number 69: October 25, 2007

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Plant Health Progress Editor's Pick


The quarantine pathogen, Phytophthora ramorum, cause of sudden oak death, has had a

tremendous impact in forests and

nurseries on the West Coast. What would happen if this pathogen was introduced to the eastern United States? R. G. Linderman and colleagues found that several plant species growing in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Kentucky were susceptible to the pathogen. Learn about the plants tested in vitro and their relative susceptibility to P. ramorum in this month’s editor’s pick.


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New Articles from
Forage and Grazinglands


Influence of Selected Pasture Herbicides and Application Timings on Sericea Lespedeza Control      Summary | Article

Quality of Stockpiled Pasture and Hay Forages      Summary | Article


Reduce Losses When Feeding Hay      Article


Aflatoxin-Contaminated Corn Poses Danger to Dairy Cattle      Article


U of M Has ‘One-Stop’ Website for Livestock, Poultry Producers      Article


Drought Cuts Georgia Cattle’s Winter Food Supply      Article


Mapping Prairie Grass Protein, Yield and Carbon      Article



New Articles from
Plant Health Progress


Occurrence of Ustilago striiformis in Dactylis glomerata Seed Production Fields in Oregon      Summary | Article

First Report of Pierce’s Disease in New Mexico      Summary | Article


Expansion of the Range of Pierce’s Disease in Virginia      Summary | Article

Hosta virus X Detected in Kansas      Summary | Article


Natural Predators May Be Best Soldiers in Soybean Aphid Battle      Article

Soybean Rust Confirmed in Indiana, But Poses No Threat      Article

Syngenta Announces 2008 AgriEdge Corn Program      Article

Spinach Gets New Protection Against Pesky Leafminers      Article

Initiative Takes Aim at Fungal Crop Disease Culprit      Article

Cornell Helps Develop Pest-Resistant Eggplant, the First Genetically Modified Food Crop in South Asia      Article

New Pheromone Sprayer Leads Amorous Moths Astray      Article

Socking It to Strawberry Root Rot      Article

Soybean Rust Confirmed for First Time in Kansas     

Western Bean Cutworm Officially a Pest of Indiana, Michigan      Article

New Articles from
Applied Turfgrass Science

The Scotts Company Adds New Combination Fertilizers to Landscaper Pro Line      Article

Autograph Fungicide Added to the Phoenix Environmental Care LLC Product Line      Article


New Articles from Crop Management

Sequence and Rotation Effects on Pest Incidence and Grain Yield of Double-cropped Soybean and Pearl Millet After Winter Wheat and Canola      Summary | Article


Evaluations of Short-Season Corn Hybrids in the Mid-South USA      Summary | Article


Modifications of Optimum Adaptation Zones for Soybean Maturity Groups in the USA      Summary | Article


Review of Historic Aerial Land Photos Coupled with Grid Sampling Saves Money on Lime Applications      Article

Pioneer Offers 23 New Soybean Varieties for 2008      Article

"Preparing for the 2008 International Certified Crop Adviser Exam" Study Guide Available      Article

Producers Need Estimate of Corn Drying Costs      Article

SDSU Specialists: Managing Aflatoxins in Corn      Article

From the Fields      Article

Take Precautions When Handling Dry Pods to Reduce Soybean Harvest Losses      Article

Producers Reminded to Keep White and Red Wheat Separated      Article

Pioneer Hi-Bred Launches Breakthrough Technology That Significantly Increases Soybean Yields      Article

Proper Timing of Last Alfalfa Cutting Can Improve Long-Term Productivity      Article

The Science Behind the Food We Eat and the Earth on Which it Grows      Article


Nitrogen Fertilizer Replacement Value of Soybean for Corn      Summary | Article


Waxy Mannagrass is Established in Two Oregon Counties      Summary | Article

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