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Number 93: October 20, 2009

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PMN Welcomes Two New Industry Partners

Plant Management Network welcomes American Peat Technology and AC Diagnostics as its two most recent industry partners. PMN now stands at 70 partners strong. Please join us! For more information on the PMN Partners Program, please inquire by email.

American Peat Technology, LLC

American Peat Technology is a leader in the identification of peat based products that are beneficial to the environment. These include BioAPT, a microbe carrier made from high quality reed sedge peat. American Peat Technology is the leading supplier to the Rhizobia inoculant industry, which has been successfully using peat to carry their fragile Gram-negative bacteria to market for years. BioAPT is proven in the Rhizobia inoculant industry. It has exceptional moisture and nutrient retention, a superior shelf life, and is pH neutral. more>>

AC Diagnostics, Inc.

AC Diagnostics, Inc. is an established diagnostic company that provides ELISA kits/reagents for detection of more than 200 plant viruses, bacteria, and fungi to customers worldwide. ACD, Inc. is dedicated to the double pillars of high quality and low prices. All of our products are produced by advanced manufacturing techniques, adhere to strict quality control measures, and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer full scale, convenient in-house testing services with high accuracy, timely service, and low costs. more>>

Applied Turfgrass Science Publishes Statement of Impact

Authors considering publishing in Applied Turfgrass Science will be interested in reading the journalís new impact statement. The statement, written by ATS editor Michael D. Richardson and CSSA editor-in-chief Craig Roberts, defines the quality standards and relevance by which the journal may be judged. Peer-reviewed articles are also awarded the imprint, above.

Year-End Library Funding

With 2009 drawing to a close, Plant Management Network journal authors and readers may wish to encourage their library to consider an institutional subscription, thus providing subscription access across their entire company or university. Many libraries may have uncommitted year-end funds yet available for the purpose. Readers and Librarians may find subscription information online.

Plant Health Progress Editorís Pick

Effect of Timing of Preharvest Fungicide Applications on Postharvest Botrytis Fruit Rot of Annual Strawberries in Florida

Positions Available

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Relative Susceptibility of Selected Apple Cultivars to Cedar Apple Rust and Quince Rust   Summary | Article


Genuity VT Triple PRO Demonstrates Higher Yields, Improved Earworm Control in Early Harvest Results    Article

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Take Steps Now to Help Prevent Late Blight Next Year      Article

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Good Topsoil Can Be Key in Renovating Lawns   Article

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