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Number 117: October 31, 2011

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PMN Partners with GCSAA, Offers Subscription Discount


The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), a leading organization focusing on golf course management, is the latest partner to join the Plant Management Network. This partnership helps benefit the GCSAA’s 19,000 members through the quality, peer-reviewed turfgrass research featured in PMN’s Applied Turfgrass Science (ATS) journal. Through this partnership, GCSAA members can get first-year subscriptions to ATS and 11 other PMN resources for just $20 total. That’s nearly 50% off the already discounted $38 rate. Learn more.

Zebra Chip Presentations Featured in Focus on Potato


Due to the recent zebra chip discovery in Idaho, the Plant Management Network is re-launching Focus on Potato’s “Zebra Chip Disease of Potatoes” by Dr. Gary Secor, Professor of Plant Pathology at North Dakota State University. Dr. Secor’s presentation will help users understand the applied aspects of zebra chip, such as diagnosis, host range, and management practices. And coming soon: Dr. Joseph Munyaneza, Research Entomologist at USDA-ARS, will discuss potato psyllid and its connections with zebra chip. View other presentations in Focus on Potato.

New Focus on Tomato Presentation Discusses Grafting


The latest Focus on Tomato presentation by Dr. Cary Rivard, Vegetable Extension Specialist at Kansas State University, covers grafting of tomatoes. Rivard talks about the tube-grafting technique, the preferred method of commercial grafters worldwide. Users will learn the tips, tricks, and techniques to carry out successful on-farm grafting.


Focus on Tomato is currently a prototype in need of funding for ongoing development. To learn more about supporting this important resource, view our brochure and sponsor form.

Narrow the Yield Gap with Focus on Corn


The latest Focus on Corn presentation, titled “Narrowing the Yield Gap for Corn Production” by Dr. Jeff Coulter, Extension Agronomist from the University of Minnesota, will help growers and agronomists recognize key opportunities for increasing corn yield within their cropping systems.


PDMR Accepting Submissions for Volume 6 (2012)


As in the past, Plant Disease Management Reports (PDMR) will be published in two installments, allowing authors to submit reports twice a year. Submissions to the first installment are due to the editor-in-chief for assignment by December 5, 2011. Publication charges are $40 per report and are payable with submission of the final approved report by February 20, 2012. The submission date for the second installment will be in late spring or early summer 2012. View instructions for submission preparation and procedure.


Last Month’s Most Popular Articles


- Applied Turfgrass Science: Conversion of Kentucky Bluegrass Rough to No-Mow, Low-Input Grasses Summary | Article


- Crop Management: Factors Influencing Corn Harvest Losses in Missouri Summary | Article


- Forage and Grazinglands: Harvest Frequency Effects on Yield, Persistence, and Regrowth Rate Among New Alfalfa Cultivars Summary | Article


- Plant Health Progress: Sampling for Plant-parasitic Nematodes in Corn Strip Trials Comparing Nematode Management Products Summary | Article


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Crop Management

Risks of Tank Mixing Fungicides with Grass and Broadleaf Herbicides in Spring Wheat Management

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Glyphosate’s Effect Upon Mineral Accumulation in Soybean Summary | Article


Nitrogen Fertilization on Center Pivot Sprinkler Irrigated Rice Summary | Article


Waterhemp is Evolving; Enlist Weed Control System Will Provide a Solution Article


Wheat Tillering Potential May Be Affected By Recent Moisture, Soil Cover Article


Stored Grain Management Vital To Retaining Quality, Profit Article


Strip-Till, Legume-Cover Crop System Could Help South Texas Growers Article


Syngenta Introduces Gramoxone SL Herbicide for Optimal User Experience Article


Fall Soil Testing Can Maximize Yields and Profitability



Plan Your 2012 Corn Nitrogen Management Now



Soybeans May Need Rewetting Article


Tillage Recommendations Article


Controlling Weeds After Harvest Article


DEKALB Genuity VT Triple PRO Corn Farmers in South Experiencing 8.4 Bushel Advantage Versus Competitors Article


New DuPont LeadOff Herbicide Delivers Long-Lasting Weed Control, Crop Rotation Flexibility Article


Mycogen Seeds Introduces Eight Additional New Dow AgroSciences REFUGE ADVANCED Powered by SmartStax Hybrids for 2012 Article


Chile Survival: NMSU Researchers Examine Chile Varieties for Salt Tolerance Article


Corn, Sorghum Harvests Nearly Complete As Cotton, Rice and Soybeans Lag Article


Optimal Window for Planting Wheat Tightening



Harvesting Options for High-Moisture Corn



Ground-Truthing Fertilizer and Manure Application Rates Article


Soil Factors Determine Beneficial Infiltration Rates from Rainfall Article


Waterhemp Weed Showing Greater Resistance to Glyphosate Article


Fall Herbicide Application Later Than Normal Following Late Harvest Article


Late Planting Shows in Slower-Than-Average Cotton Harvesting Article

Plant Health Progress


Genotype and Approved Fungicide Evaluation for Reducing Leaf Spot Diseases in Organically-Managed Peanut Summary | Article


Impact of Crop Rotation and Bio-covers on Soybean Cyst Nematode Summary | Article



A Review of Huanglongbing (Citrus Greening) Management in Citrus Using Nutritional Approaches in China

Summary | Article


Leaf Spot of Pinto Bean Caused by a Long-beaked Alternaria in Southeastern Arizona

Summary | Article


The Potato Corky Ringspot Pathogen, Tobacco rattle virus, Occurs in Native Habitats in Minnesota Summary | Article


A New Report for Downy Mildew [(Hyaloperonospora camelinae Gäum.) Göker, Voglmayr, Riethm., M. Weiss & Oberw. 2003] of Camelina [Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz] in the High Plains of the United States Summary | Article


Blue Light Discourages Molds That Spoil Citrus Fruit, UF Researcher Says Article


Cutworm Numbers Increasing, Not Yet Presenting Problems in Ohio Article


New Bug Stinking Up Georgia Article


Pecan ipmPIPE: Harnessing the Internet for Agriculture Article


WSU Scientists First to Characterize Barley Plant-Stem Rust Spore ‘Communication’, Clone Genes to Build Stem Rust Resistance Article


Zebra Chip Finds Its Way to Idaho’s Potato Fields



Northern Corn Leaf Blight Becoming ‘Concerning’ Disease Issue Article


Bean Leaf Beetles More Prevalent In Indiana This Fall



Late, Wet Harvest Conditions Cause Concerns Over Ear Molds Article


Panicle Blight a Thorn in the Side of Harvesting Rice Growers Article


New Reports of Severe Rootworm Damage to Bt Corn



Increase Seen In Goss's Wilt Corn Disease This Season Article


MSU Students Trap Worms to Help Understand Enemy in Montana's Grain Fields Article


Presidio Fungicide Registered for Drip Irrigation in California Vegetables Article


Goss’s Wilt Disease Spreads North and East, Threatens Corn Yields Article

Applied Turfgrass Science


Early Curative Fungicide Applications Provide Disease Control on Fairway-height Creeping Bentgrass Summary | Article


Evaluation of Conventional and Alternative Products for Silvery-thread Moss Control in Creeping Bentgrass Summary | Article



Effect of Nitrogen Source on Silvery-thread Moss on a Creeping Bentgrass Putting Green Summary | Article


Bindweed: A Noxious Invasive, Goin’ to Town Article


Turf Diseases Like Large Patch and Take-All Patch Can Pop Up In The Fall Article


Forage and Grazinglands

Yield, Water Use Efficiency, and Nutritive Value of Six Warm-Season Perennial Grasses in Response to Irrigation Level Summary | Article


Agronomic Performance, Plant Morphology, and Nutritive Value Among Three Prairie Bromegrass Entries Summary | Article


Ergovaline and Ergot Alkaloid Concentrations Change in Conserved Tall Fescue Summary | Article


Characterization of Historical Precipitation Data in Relation to Production Risk of Fall-stockpiled Tall Fescue Summary | Article




Morphological Development Affects the Prussic Acid Potential of ‘Rumsey’ Indiangrass Summary | Article


Texas Cattle Producers Exploring Option of Feeding Whole Cotton Plants Article


Expert: Hay Test Can Lead To More Efficient Feeding During Drought Article


Rain Welcome, Frost May Bring New Problems for Cattle Article


Exceptional Drought Area Shrinks; Long-Range Forecasts Not Offering Relief Article


Start Planning for Winter Feeding Article


Bale Peanuts, Ratoon Corn for Hay with Care Article


Poor Pastures Give Cattle Producers Opportunity to Review Winter Feeding Options Article


Pioneer Hi-Bred Releases New Silage BMR Hybrid Article


Sulfur for Montana Forage Crops Article

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