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Number 129: October 30, 2012

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Resource Spotlight: The PMN Cross Journal Search


Agricultural and horticultural professionals are very busy people, often looking for just the bottom-line information. With this in mind, PMN developed the Cross-Journal Search, which searches the abstracts of our nonprofit publishing partners’ peer-reviewed, applied journals. These abstracts often contain free, bottom-line information that practitioners can glean and apply to the field. And while the full-text version of some articles may also be available, a subscription is generally required by our partners to see the full text. View PMN’s full list of resources.

End-of-year Subscription Discount


PMN Update Newsletter subscribers: looking for the right time to start your Plant Management Network subscription? Now can be that opportune time. Through the end of December 2012, readers can access all of PMN’s resources for $10 off our regular ($45) and member-based ($38) subscription rates. This one-year subscription includes access to all PMN resources. Members of PMN’s nonprofit partnering organizations qualify for the lower $38 subscription rate. Just visit PMN’s personal subscription page, choose the regular or member-based rate, and enter coupon code PMN10 in the “Payment” section of the checkout process in PMN’s Yahoo! store.

PMN Webcast Resources Now Even More ‘Mobile Friendly’

The Plant Management Network’s “Focus on” webcast resources now feature larger text and a wider content viewing area for easier browsing with mobile devices. The homepages and sections of Focus on Potato, Focus on Soybean, Focus on Corn, and Focus on Tomato also feature new and wider mastheads.

Seed Potato Certification Webcast Featured in Focus on Potato


“Seed Potato Certification” by Professor Robert Davidson at Colorado State University, will help users in the U.S. and Canada learn about the basics of seed potato certification. This presentation covers the basis for seed potato certification, the current certification processes, diseases and conditions that are the focus of inspections, and how these problems are managed through the use of clean, high quality seed potatoes. View presentation | View other potato talks

Two New Webcasts Featured in Focus on Tomato


Late Blight: “Late Blight Pandemic in Northeastern USA in 2009” by Dr. Bill Fry, Professor of Plant Pathology at Cornell University, discusses the causes of the 2009 late blight epidemic and also features a new online decision support system (DSS) that provides information to practitioners in near-real time for in season disease management decisions. Fungicide trials involved in the making of this DSS are also covered. View presentation | View other tomato talks


Diagnostics: “Novel Isothermal Amplification Technology for Identifying Plant Pathogens” by Tania Spenlinhauer, Molecular Diagnostic Product Development Specialist at Envirologix, offers an overview of a new technology, DNAble, used for identifying plant pathogens. The talk provides an overview of the amplification reaction and assay procedure, as well as a comparison of this new technology with other available diagnostic platforms. View presentation | View other tomato talks

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Last Month’s Most Popular Articles

Applied Turfgrass Science: Usefulness of Non-Chemical Water Conditioners for Managing Turfgrasses and their Rootzones  Summary | Article

Crop Management: Effect of Land Application of FGD Gypsum on Plant Yield and Crop Nutrient Concentration   Summary | Article

Forage and Grazinglands: Fall Harvesting of Alfalfa in North Dakota Impacts Plant Density, Yield, and Nutritive Value   Summary | Article

Plant Health Progress: Pythium Root Rot of Flue-Cured Tobacco Seedlings Produced in Greenhouses: Factors Associated with its Occurrence and Chemical Control   Summary | Article

Applied Turfgrass Science

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Relative Resistance of Creeping Bentgrass Cultivars to Sclerotinia homoeocarpa and Typhula incarnata  Summary | Article


Fall Mowing Leads to Healthier Spring Lawns   Article

U of M-led Project Could Mean Improved Grass Options for Homeowners, Public Spaces   Article

How to Restore Native Grasslands in the Interior Pacific Northwest   Article

Sod Farmers Hope Worst Years Are Over   Article


New Articles from . . .

Applied Turfgrass Science - Crop Management
Forage and Grazinglands - Plant Health Progress

Crop Management

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Winter Wheat Yield Response to Wide Rows Varies By Year in the Southern Ohio River Valley  Summary | Article

Soybean Yield Loss Caused by Node Removal  Summary | Article

Evaluation of Dairy and Cash Grain Farmers’ Perceptions of the Value of Manure  Summary | Article


Short Growing Season Meets Match in New Syngenta Sunflower Hybrid   Article

How to Determine Sugarbeet Harvest Losses   Article

Sulfur Amendments May Boost Tomato Yields, UF Researchers Report   Article

Phosphorus: An Essential Element for Farming   Article

Understanding the Basics of Soybean Fertility   Article

Chateau Herbicide Approved for Fallow Bed Use in California Transplanted Tomato Beds   Article

Get the Upper Hand Against Resistant Weeds This Fall With Sharpen Herbicide   Article

PhytoGen Brand PHY 499 WRF Is the Most Widely Planted Cottonseed in the United States   Article

Reconditioning Soybeans in Storage Poses Problems   Article

DuPont Instigate Herbicide Adds Flexibility for Weed Control in Corn   Article

Controlling Volunteer Corn Before Fall-Seeded Small Grains   Article

Nitrogen Management This Fall   Article

FiberMax and Stoneville App Makes Seed Selection Process Easier   Article

Getting to the Root of Soybean Stress   Article

Farmers Continue to Take Proactive Approach for Controlling Tough Weeds With Roundup Ready Plus Weed Management Solutions   Article

Worsening Drought Picture for Minnesota   Article

Early Harvest Data Shows Significant Yield Advantage With Optimum AQUAmax Products From DuPont   Article

DuPont Pioneer Advances 34 New Soybean Varieties for 2013 Planting   Article

Decades Old Weed Seeds Trigger New Outbreak of Devastating Plant Parasite   Article

Plant Health Progress

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Identification of Anguina funesta from Annual Ryegrass Seed Lots in Oregon  Summary | Article

Impact of Tobacco Thrips on Cowpea  Summary | Article


Flaming to Reduce Inocula of the Boxwood Blight Pathogen, Cylindrocladium pseudonaviculatum, in Field Soil  Summary | Article

Association of Spirea Stunt Phytoplasma with a Disease of Spiraea spp. in Minnesota  Summary | Article

Mixed Groundnut bud necrosis virus and Okra yellow vein mosaic virus Infection of Okra in India  Summary | Article


Watch Your Hops Plantings for Hop Cyst Nematodes   Article

Growers Encouraged to Watch for Mobile Soybean Pests   Article

Tomato Spotted Wilt Can Be a Northern Vegetable Problem   Article

New App Lets You Report Invasive Species   Article

New Pest Found in Fruit Crops   Article

Aflatoxin Less Pervasive Than Expected   Article

Alien Invaders: Site Addresses Invasive Pests   Article

New Agrisure Duracade Trait From Syngenta Receives EPA and FDA Approval   Article

Molds in Stored Grain   Article

'Tree Doctor' App Can Help Homeowners Diagnose Problems   Article

Phytoplasma (Aster Yellows) Identified on Michigan Soybeans   Article

Marrone Bio Innovations’ Grandevo Bioinsecticide Receives California State Registration   Article

Biology and Management of the Green Stink Bug   Article

NipsIt INSIDE Insecticide Registered as a Seed Protectant in Rice   Article

Zampro Fungicide From BASF Receives EPA Registration   Article

Potato Growers Urged to Take Aggressive Action to Control Bacterial Ring Rot Flare-up   Article

Fall Armyworms Marching Across Georgia Hay Fields   Article

Forage and Grazinglands

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K-State Vet Urges Livestock Producers to Check Nitrate, Prussic Acid Levels in Forages Article

Summer Pasture Realities Lead to Winter Forage Supply Woes Article

The Economics of Legume Planting Article

Producers: Still Time to Eliminate Weeds in Hay and Pasture Fields Article

Corn Stalks Provide Alternative Forage for Beef and Dairy Farms Article

Replacing Hay With Winter Pasture Requires Action Now Article

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