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Number 141: October 30, 2013

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From the Network ...

PMN Welcomes Newest Partner: Nichino America


Nichino America is scientifically and technically driven and committed to discovering new and unique proprietary chemistries. The company’s products provide crop-specific solutions that fit closely with today’s IPM and Resistance Management practices. As a specialist in unique solutions, Nichino America offers products that are targeted to specific pests, often filling the technical gaps that other products may leave behind. Join the 80-plus industry, nonprofit, and land-grant university partners that support our nonprofit mission: to enhance the health, management, and production of agricultural and horticultural crops. Please contact us for details on how to become a partner.

PMN Publishes Grant Outreach Webcast on Citrus Greening


Dr. Tim Gottwald, Research Leader in Plant Pathology at USDA-ARS, recently developed a survey to help predict the spread of Citrus Greening (aka Huanglongbing), allowing users to maximize their resources for detection, response, and control. Gottwald discusses this survey through a PMN grant outreach webcast, titled “Risk-Based Residential HLB/ACP Survey for California, Texas, and Arizona”. To learn more about how your grant-funded research can be featured in a webcast, contact Phil Bogdan, PMN/APS Staff, at

Seedling Diseases of Corn  Webcast

Managing Weed Resistance to Herbicides in the Potato Rotation   Webcast

Management of Glyphosate-Resistant Italian Ryegrass   Webcast

Integrated Pest Management of Whiteflies and TYLCV in Florida Fresh Market Tomato   Webcast

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Last Month’s Most Popular Articles

Crop Management: Grain Yield, Forage Yield, and Nutritive Value of Dual-Purpose Small Grains in the Central High Plains of the USA   Summary | Article

Forage and Grazinglands: Estimation of Nutritive Value of Spring Alfalfa–Grass Mixtures using In-Field Measurements and Growing Degree Data   Summary | Article

Plant Health Progress: Preharvest Applications of Fungicides for Control of Sphaeropsis Rot in Stored Apples  Summary | Article

Crop Management

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Survey of Cover Crop Use on New York Dairy Farms  Summary | Article

Grain Sorghum Tolerance and Weed Control with Pyrasulfotole plus Bromoxynil Combinations  Summary | Article

Removing Corn Stover Has Little Effect on Soybean Performance in a Corn-Soybean Rotation  Summary | Article

Seeding Rate Effects on Yield and Yield Components of Chickpea in South Dakota  Summary | Article

Spring Wheat Production and Associated Pests in Conventional and Diversified Cropping Systems in North Central Montana  Summary | Article


ET Herbicide Approved for Postemergence Use   Article

Soil Fertility Considerations and Fallow Syndrome   Article

Ohio State University Agronomists Offer Updated Fertility Recommendation Calculator for Field Crop Growers   Article

Experts Help Growers Be More Seed Savvy   Article

Bayer CropScience Introduces Specticle Plus   Article

University of Florida Irrigation Apps for Urban Turfgrass, Strawberry and Citrus Now Available   Article

Fall Herbicides to Control Marestail   Article

Improving Water Security   Article

Monitor Corn Fields for Stalk Quality Problems   Article

OSU Fact Sheet Offers Guidance on Soil Sampling   Article

Coated Forage Seeds   Article

Cotton Yields Could Reach Record   Article

Five Things to Remember at the Elevator   Article

The Palmer Amaranth Saga Continues – Think About Containment and Documentation   Article

Nitrate Contamination of Well Water Concerns   Article

Keeping Your Fields Covered   Article

K-State Evaluates Fall Applications to Combat Alfalfa Weevil   Article

Weeds Good Indicator of Soil Type   Article

Dry Bean Harvest Nearly in the Bag   Article

Hydroacoustics Makes Waves in Weed Control   Article

University Scientists Battle Herbicide Resistance   Article

Keep Cover Crops Until Spring to Protect Fields   Article

Combine Provides Bird’s-Eye View of Conditions   Article

Biotechnology Enables Sustainable Farming   Article

Before the Elevator: Dispose of Treated Seed   Article

Dry Soil Provides Opportunity to Remediate Compaction   Article

Grapevine Post-Harvest Nutrition Crucial to Next Year’s Crop   Article

New Articles from . . .

Applied Turfgrass Science - Crop Management
Forage and Grazinglands - Plant Health Progress

Plant Health Progress

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Streptomycin Resistance of Erwinia amylovora Isolated from Apple (Malus domesticus) in Utah
 Summary | Article

Evaluation of Foliar Fungicide Sprays for the Control of Boxwood Blight, Caused by the Fungus Cylindrocladium buxicola
 Summary | Article

Quantifying the Effect of Pyraclostrobin on Grain-fill Period and Kernel Dry Matter Accumulation in Maize
 Summary | Article

Fungicide Management of Brown Patch of Tall Turf-type Fescue in the Residential Landscape in Oklahoma
 Summary | Article

Fungicide Spray Volume and Pruning Impact Performance of a Warning System for Sooty Blotch and Flyspeck on Apple
 Summary | Article

When Do Foliar Pyraclostrobin Fungicide Applications Produce Profitable Soybean Yield Responses?
 Summary | Article


Identification of Lily mottle virus and Lily symptomless virus Co-infecting Asiatic Lily in Ohio
 Summary | Article

First Report of Geosmithia morbida and Pityophthorus juglandis Causing Thousand Cankers Disease in Butternut
 Summary | Article

Diagnostic Guide

Diagnostic Guide for Gummy Stem Blight and Black Rot on Cucurbits
 Summary | Article


BioSafe Systems' SaniDate 12.0 Water Treatment Now Available in Mexico

Bayer CropScience Debuts Serenade Optimum to Help Growers Control Tough Diseases and Combat Resistance

Agdia Commercializes Rapid Molecular Test for Candidatus Liberibacter Asiaticus (HLB)

Syngenta Squash Seed Now Treated With FarMore FI400 Cucurbits Technology

Ohio State University Entomologists: Stink Bugs Could Injure Corn in Addition to Soybeans

Oregon State University Updates Resources for Protecting Bees From Pesticides

Sclerotinia Blight Found in Peanut Field Near Pocahontas

Soil Sampling in the Fall is a Good Time to Analyze for Soybean Cyst Nematodes

Plant Pathologist Keeps Growers Alerted to Downy Mildew Risk

Bt Sweet Corn Can Reduce Insecticide Use

“Green Stem” Disorder in Soybeans

Dow AgroSciences Advancing Novel Insect-Resistant Soybean Trait

Five Tips for Protecting Your Soybean Yield From SCN

DuPont Pioneer Widens Growers’ Insect Protection Options for 2014

University of Florida Researchers Identify Citrus Cultivars That Show Promise in Battle Against Greening

Vegetable Crops Could Fall Victim to Harlequin Bug, Warns West Virginia University Entomology Specialist

Potential for Corn Ear Molds This Year Due to Weather Extremes

Corn Growers Need to Look out for Western Corn Rootworm Damage

Aflatoxin FREE Receives GIPSA Certification

Following a Pesticide Away From the Field

Forage and Grazinglands

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Yield and Stand Persistence of Switchgrass as Affected by Cutting Height and Variety
 Summary | Article


Forages at Risk for Prussic Acid Poisoning

Grazing Crop Residues

All Hay Is Not Created Equal: Using the Relative Forage Quality Index

Cattlemen Can Look to Cornfields for Low Cost Feed

Applied Turfgrass Science

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Triclopyr Reduces Smooth Crabgrass Bleaching with Topramezone without Compromising Efficacy  Summary | Article


Late Seeding and Winterkill Risk

Fall Turfgrass Interseeding and Overseeding: Not One in the Same

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