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Issue 189: October 12, 2018
First Reports of Fungicide Resistance
in the Cucurbit Powdery Mildew Pathogen
Editorís Pick
Keinath et al. report the first documentation of resistance to boscalid in Podosphaera xanthii in the southern United States in their article ďFirst Report of Resistance to Boscalid in Podosphaera xanthii, Cucurbit Powdery Mildew, in South Carolina.Ē óPamela D. Roberts, 
 Plant Health Progress
CucurbitPowderyMildew(1)(1).jpgMost Popular PHP Article
McGrath and Sexton report the first known occurrence of resistance to cyflufenamid in Podosphaera xanthii in the United States in "Poor Control of Cucurbit Powdery Mildew Associated with First Detection of Resistance to Cyflufenamid in the Causal Agent, Podosphaera xanthii, in the United States." 
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Focus on Potato
The unpredictability of weather and the crop injuries it causes are a constant concern for growers. Injuries caused by hail are particularly troublesome because of the reductions they can cause in marketable yield. Harlene Hatterman-Valenti reviews the factors related to yield loss, including the cultivar grown, the seriousness of the hail storm, and the stage of plant growth when the hail storm occurs.
Focus on Cotton
One of the most difficult decisions to make in a growing season is whether to accept or replant a cotton stand. Sean Butler summarizes factors to consider when first evaluating an emerged cotton stand and when managing a replanted field, along with advancements that may improve replant decision making and yield potential.
What are the effects of reducing carrier volume and using coarse spray tips compared with traditional practices of applying harvest aids? James A. Griffin provides information that will help farmers make decisions about which nozzle tips and water volumes to use to apply harvest aids and how pressure, volumes, and tips affect spray patterns.
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In this Northeast IPM Center Outreach Webcast, Quan Zeng identifies the management practices that will help to restrict the development and spread of streptomycin resistance and the tools currently available and under development for fire blight management.
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Insect Pests / Entomology
Aphids and Barley Yellow Dwarf - Ohio State University
Whatís the Difference Between Nematodes? - The University of Tennessee
Sampling SCN Population in the Fall - Illinois Soybean Association
Plant Disease
Stalk Rot Diseases in Nebraska Corn Fields - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Grain Storage Equipment Preparation - South Dakota State University
How Do I Manage Insects in My Stored Grain? - South Dakota State University
Tips for Harvest Management & Preserving Grain Quality in Corn - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Turf Management
Weed Management
The second submission of PDMR, Vol. 12, includes 236 new reports on topics ranging from tropical crops to turfgrass. 
The first submission period for Vol. 13 of PDMR runs from November 5 to December 10. See the simplified submission, formatting, and payment directions online, along with samples of tables and reports. Get ready to submit your paper!
Among the current top-selling APS PRESS titles are A Farmerís Guide to Corn Diseases (Wise et al., eds.) and A Farmerís Guide to Soybean Diseases (Mueller et al., eds.). Both books provide nontechnical guidance for diagnosing and managing common diseases and disorders.
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