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Number 58: November 29, 2006

National Plant Diagnostic Network Becomes PMN’s Newest Partner

PMN welcomes the National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN) as its newest organizational partner. The USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service established the NPDN to develop a network linking plant and animal disease diagnostic facilities across the country. NPDN’s mission is to enhance national agricultural security by quickly detecting introduced pests and pathogens. More>>


For information on the partners program contact Phil Bogdan, PMN partner relations manager.


ESA to Hold Annual Meeting in Indianapolis

Nearly 2,000 entomologists and professionals in related disciplines from around the world will gather December 10–13, 2006, at the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome in Indianapolis to exchange scientific information at the Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America (ESA). The meeting will feature 61 symposia on topics such as agriculture, biotechnology, pest control, Integrated Pest Management, invasive species, regulation, ecology, and medical entomology.


Internships Available in San Francisco


Two internships, with early December closing dates, are now available through PMN’s Employment/Internship Posting Service. Internship listings are available to all PMN subscribers and partners, and may be submitted at no cost.

New Articles from
Plant Health Progress


Calendar and AU-Pnuts Advisory Programs Compared for Leaf Spot Diseases and Rust Control on Peanut in Southwest Alabama 
Summary | Article

Predictive Accuracy of a Fusarium Head Blight Epidemic Risk Forecasting System Deployed in Minnesota 
Summary | Article

Diagnostic Guide

Detection and Identification of Botrytis Species Associated with Neck Rot, Scape Blight, and Umbel Blight of Onion   Summary | Article



First Report of Powdery Mildew of Omphalodes cappadocica Caused by Golovinomyces cynoglossi (Erysiphe cynoglossi) in North America 
Summary | Article

Lilium lancifolium is Discovered as a New Host of Botryosphaeria parva in Georgia 
Summary | Article

Biology and Distribution of Pryeria sinica, a New Pest of Euonymus Found in Virginia and Maryland 
Summary | Article

First Report of Rhizoctonia Foliar Blight of Soybean in South Carolina 
Summary | Article


Preliminary Results Indicate Monsanto’s Yieldgard Rootworm-Protected Hybrids Outyielding Competitive Trait Systems Article

Scientists Leverage New Tool to Diagnose Plant Diseases Article

Predators of Insect Pests Thrive in "Live" Mulch 

Manage Soybean Cyst Nematode by Starting with a Good Sample Article

New Articles from
Forage and Grazinglands


Stockpiled Prairiegrass-Brassica Hybrid Mixtures Tolerate Repeated Defoliation in Autumn 
Summary | Article


New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online Article

A Breath of Fresh Air for Pig and Dairy Farms Article

Cows May Need High Concentrate Diets This Winter Article

Sugar Beets Can Make Good Silage Article

Perennial Forages Look Promising on the Plains Article


Applied Turfgrass Science


Silicon Fertilization Does Not Enhance Creeping Bentgrass Resistance to Cutworms and White Grubs Summary | Article


Professional Golfers Conclude that Spike Design Affects Putting Green Quality Summary | Article

New Articles from Crop Management


Starter Fertilizer and Row Cleaning Did Not Affect Yield of Early-Planted, No-Till Grain Sorghum  Summary | Article

The Feasibility of Winter Wheat Following Soybean in Northern Minnesota Summary | Article


Potatoes Developed for New Markets  Article

Pioneer Applauds Kip Cullers on World Record Soybean Yield Article

Iowa State, USDA Researchers Study Soybean's Family Tree Article

Syngenta Takes Yield Enhancement, Risk Management Programs Online with Article

University Research Finds Herculex RW Twice as Effective as YieldGard RW Against Corn Rootworm Article

UC Davis Scientists’ Groundbreaking Research: Mate-Attracting Chemicals Article

Penn State Expert Says E. Coli Spinach Outbreak May Be Hard to Solve Article

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