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Number 82: November 19, 2008

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2008 Sets Record for PMN Site Traffic

With over 300,000 visitors as of the end of October 2008, Plant Management Network has already set a yearly record for site traffic. The prior record was in 2007, with a total of 257,806 visitors over the course of the entire year.

PMN Publishes Latest Soybean Webcast

Identification and Management of Charcoal Rot of Soybeans by Doug Jardine, Kansas State University, is the latest topic covered in PMN’s Focus on Soybean. In this 10-minute presentation, Jardine discusses both diagnosis and practical cultural management practices of this third most important disease relative to soybean yield loss.

PDMR Now Accepting Submissions for Volume 3 (2009)

As last year, Plant Disease Management Reports will be published in two installments, allowing authors to submit reports at two different times. First installment submissions are due by December 8, 2008. Publication charges are $40 per report, payable with submission of the final approved report. Second installment submission dates will be set for late spring/early summer 2009. Submission instructions are available online.

Plant Health Progress Editor’s Pick

Mike Matheron has chosen “Monitoring Mortality of Pythium Zoospores in Chlorinated Water Using Oxidation Reduction Potential” by J. M. Lang, B. Rebits, S. E. Newman, and N. Tisserat as his most recent editor’s pick.

Positions Available

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*Field Research & Development Manager
*Extension Vegetable Specialist/Assistant Professor
*Assistant Professor – Plant Virology

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New Articles (continued)

Forage and Grazinglands

Research / Management

Selecting Small-Grain Forages for the Southern High Plains   Summary | Article

Assessing Alternative Forage Production Systems for Organic Dairies in New England   Summary | Article

Morphological Development and Winter Survival of Switchgrass and Big Bluestem Seedlings    Summary | Article


AgriLife Extension Specialists: Brush Control a Must Even in Tough Economic Times   Article

Good Grazing Systems Start with the Soil   Article

Precautions for Grazing Frost-Damaged Forages   Article

Range and Cropland Managers Can Limit Cheatgrass by Fall Management   Article

Plant Health Progress

Research / Management

Does N or K Nutrition Affect Bronze Wilt in Field-Grown Cotton?Summary | Article

Effect of Soybean Cyst Nematode on Fatty Acid Levels of Soybean Seed   Summary | Article

Hosts of Phakopsora pachyrhizi Identified in Field Evaluations in Florida   Summary | Article


New Genetic Resources for Cereal Crops   Article

Soybean Rust in Mississippi Did Not Hurt the Crop   Article

Pioneer Hi-Bred Research Brings New Levels of Protection Against Soybean Diseases   Article

Breakthrough Genetic Solution for Clubroot Coming Soon   Article

Producers Can Add Yellow Vine to the Long List of Pumpkin Diseases   Article

Gene-silencing Technique to be Deployed Against Soybean Fungus   Article

Fungus New to Washington Is Killing Walnut Trees   Article

Voliam Flexi Insecticide Receives Florida Label Approval   Article

Soybean Rust Confirmed in Illinois   Article

Maryland Soybean Rust Update   Article

Boll Weevils Almost Eradicated in Mississippi   Article

Durivo Insecticide Receives Approval in Key Vegetable Growing States   Article

Voliam Xpress Insecticide Receives Label Approval in Key Vegetable Growing States   Article

Scientists Pit Fungus Against Apple Pest   Article

New Articles from . . .
Crop Management

Research / Management

Influence of Tillage, Row Spacing-Population System, and Glyphosate Herbicide Timing on Soybean Production in the Eastern Great Plains   Summary | Article

Corn Response to Mesotrione as Affected by Soil Insecticide, Application Method, and Rate   Summary | Article

A Comparison of Side-dressed Liquid Hog Manure to Urea Ammonium Nitrate in Corn   Summary | Article


Multi-year Data Reveals HERCULEX XTRA Hybrids Healthier, Yield Better   Article

CAT-scanning Cotton Bales for Moisture   Article

Common Lambsquarters Control in Glyphosate-Resistant Crops   Article

How Predictable is Nitrogen from Manure for Corn Production?   Article

Consider Grain Storage in Volatile Market   Article

New Corn Herbicides in Pipeline   Article

Hard Freeze Could Reduce Row Crop Yields in Some Areas   Article

Best Phosphorus Placement with Strip Tillage Depends on Soil Test   Article

Wheat Specialist Gives Guidelines for Late Planting and Replanting   Article

Protecting Soils and Producing Biofuel with Corn Stover   Article

K-State Agronomy Site Has New `Ask the Expert´ Feature   Article

Indian Summer May Have Saved Pennsylvania's Grape Crop   Article

Pesticide Concentrations Decreasing   Article

Save Money on Fertilizer   Article

Estimate Soil Texture-by-Feel   Article

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