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Number 106: November 23, 2010

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PMN Launches Focus on Corn Prototype

The Plant Management Network (PMN) is proud to announce the launch of its Focus on Corn prototype, modeled after the successful Focus on Soybean and Focus on Potato resources, which feature monthly webcasts on crop protection and production.  To develop this resource, PMN is currently seeking funding to develop quality, science-based webcasts for the benefit of corn growers and consultants.  View our brochure, sponsorship form, and featured webcast on corn nematodes.

Focus on Potato Publishes Webcast on
Corky Ringspot

Corky Ringspot of Potato by Nick David, North Dakota State University, provides an overview of Corky Ringspot Disease in potato. It is intended to help educate growers, consultants, and industry personnel to identify and manage this costly disease. This presentation discusses the causal agent and vector of Corky Ringspot Disease, illustrates symptoms, and identifies management practices to minimize this disease.  View other presentations in Focus on Potato.

Focus on Soybean Presents Two Webcasts

Dr. E. James Dunphy of North Carolina State University has authored the latest two webcasts for the soybean industry.

Soybean Variety Selection will help consultants, growers, and other practitioners throughout the United States reduce the large list of available soybean varieties down to a workable list of varieties to consider for growing. The problem in most states that grow soybeans is not a shortage of varieties or information about them, but how to make sense of all the available information.

Roundup Ready Soybean Populations in North Carolina will help users in and near North Carolina understand the logic behind North Carolina’s soybean population suggestions for Roundup-Ready soybeans. Understanding why these suggestions are what they are should better enable growers and their advisers to tailor planting recommendations to their own situations and tolerance to risk of inadequate stands.

View other Focus on Soybean presentations.

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