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Number 118: November 30, 2011

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End-of-year Subscription Discount

PMN Update Newsletter subscribers: looking for the right time to start your Plant Management Network subscription?  This month can be that opportune time.  Now through the end of December 2011, PMN Update Newsletter readers without PMN subscription access can subscribe for $10 off our regular ($45) and member-based ($38) subscription rates.  This one-year subscription includes access to all PMN resources. Members of PMN’s nonprofit partnering organizations qualify for the lower $38 subscription rate.  Just visit PMN’s personal subscription page, choose the regular or member-based rate, and enter coupon code PMN10 in the “Payment” section of the checkout process.

Focus on Tomato Sponsorships

Before the Plant Management Network can launch Focus on Tomato, more funding is required to cover the costs of developing and promoting the individual webcasts.  PMN would like to encourage leading organizations in the tomato industry to support this important resource, as well as recognize the following organizations and individuals involved in the tomato industry for their invaluable support:

Agdia Envirologix Gowan Company Harris Moran Seed Company HM Clause Syngenta The Morningstar Company TS&L Seeds Malcolm Quigley and Family


PMN Integrates Twitter into Website

Visitors can now sign up for Twitter feeds directly from the Plant Management Network homepage, PMN’s journal homepages, and PMN Update.  Users have a choice of signing up for the Twitter feeds for each of PMN’s four journals: Plant Health Progress, Crop Management, Applied Turfgrass Science, and Forage and Grazinglands.


Focus on Potato Covers Potato Psyllid, Zebra Chip

Due to the recent confirmations of zebra chip in the Pacific Northwest, the Plant Management Network’s Focus on Potato resource is offering the second in a series of two webcasts on this economically important disease. “Biology and Management of the Potato Psyllid and Zebra Chip Disease” by Dr. Joseph Munyaneza, Research Entomologist at USDA-ARS, covers: how the potato psyllid spreads zebra chip disease; the foliar and tuber symptoms of zebra chip; what the potato psyllid looks like at the adult, nymph, and egg stages of development; potato psyllid monitoring, sampling, and control; and biology of the potato psyllid.


Latest Focus on Corn Webcast Discusses Nitrogen Cycle, Management

This presentation, titled “The Soil Nitrogen Cycle and Nitrogen Management” by Dr. John Sawyer, Professor and Soil Fertility Specialist at Iowa State University, covers nitrogen as an essential element, the occurrence of nitrogen in the environment, reactivity of nitrogen, nitrogen sources, and various microbial and chemical processes in the nitrogen cycle. Processes most important and related to crop fertilization are discussed in detail and are then related to nitrogen management practices that influence availability and supply for corn uptake. View this and other presentations in Focus on Corn.


More Focus on Soybean Webcasts Coming Soon

The Plant Management Network is in the process of producing a new lineup of 12 soybean webcasts for Focus on Soybean’s publication year.  Upcoming presentations currently in production include “Preserving Soybean Seed Quality” by Professor John Rupe, University of Arkansas; “Soybean Seeding Rates” by Professor William J. Cox, Cornell University; and “Soybean Rust” by Professor Ed Sikora, Auburn University.


Last Month’s Most Popular Articles


- Applied Turfgrass Science: Evaluation of Conventional and Alternative Products for Silvery-thread Moss Control in Creeping Bentgrass
Summary |


- Crop Management: Glyphosate's Effect on Mineral Accumulation in Soybeans Summary | Article


- Forage and Grazinglands: Ergovaline and Ergot Alkaloid Concentrations Change in Conserved Tall Fescue Summary | Article


- Plant Health Progress: Impact of Crop Rotation and Bio-covers on Soybean Cyst Nematode Summary | Article


Positions Available


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* Cereal Grain Research Associate

* R&D Agronomist

* Assistant Professor of Pulse Crop Pathology

* Sugarbeet Breeder/Plant Scientist

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* Plant Scientist I-IV

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New Articles from . . .
Applied Turfgrass Science - Crop Management  
Forage and Grazinglands - Plant Health Progress

Crop Management               follow  Follow Crop Managment on Twitter


Using Ground Eggshells as a Liming Material in Corn and Soybean Production     Summary | Article


Herbicide May Affect Plants Thought To Be Resistant     Article

Division of Agriculture Revises Recommendations for Applications of Phosphorus Fertilizer     Article

CL 142-AR Rice Will Be Widely Available in 2012     Article

Damaged Corn Crop Requires Proper Harvest, Drying, Storage     Article

DuPont and Evogene Enter Multiyear Collaboration for Soybean Rust Resistance     Article

Pesticide-Resistant Weeds Closing In On Pennsylvania     Article

Immature Soybeans Complicating Harvest     Article

Monsanto Receives U.S. Registration for Genuity VT Double PRO RIB Complete     Article

PhytoGen Offers Growers a Full-season Lineup of Cotton Varieties in 2012     Article

Sites of Action: New Call to Action in Weed Management     Article

Ridge–Furrow–Ridge System Proves Efficient, Economical Method for Agricultural Production     Article

Purdue Agronomist: Consider Costs Before Tilling     Article

Pioneer Hi-Bred Introduces 33 New Soybean Products for 2012     Article

Dow AgroSciences Successfully Produces 2,4-D Choline     Article

Agrilife Extension Expert Says Expect Weed Growth After Drought, Wildfires     Article

Poor Wheat Tillering, Root Development May Be Due to Aluminum Toxicity     Article

Crop Sensors Outdo Farmers at Choosing Nitrogen Rates     Article

New Rice Varieties Offer Benefits to Growers     Article

Take Control of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds     Article 


Plant Health Progress             follow  Follow Plant Health Progress on Twitter



Field Evaluation of Trichoderma spp. for Control of Armillaria Root Rot of Peach     Summary | Article

Diagnostic Guide

A Diagnostic Guide for Fusarium Wilt of Watermelon     Summary | Article


Foliar Nematodes: A Summary of Biology and Control with a Compilation of Host Range     Summary | Article


Soybean Aphids Kept in Check This Year in Indiana     Article

Kudzu Presents Problems, Not Yet Running Rampant in the North     Article

Syngenta Introduces Quilt Xcel Fungicide For Use On Cereals     Article

NipsIt SUITE Sugar Beets System Now Available to American Crystal Sugar Beet Growers     Article

Illinois Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine Expanded     Article

Under Lab Conditions, Salmonella Can Reach Tomato Fruits Through Leaves, IFAS Study Shows     Article

In-Field Research Shows Superior Disease Control With New BASF Fungicides Containing Xemium Fungicide     Article

CruiserMaxx Advanced Soybean Seed Treatment Now Available From Syngenta     Article

New Citrus Disease Not As Bad As Some Believe     Article

Corn Molds of Little Concern in 2011, Despite Weather     Article

Unusual Growing Season Could Lead to Unusual Aphid Cycle     Article

New IFAS Study Shows Corn Plants Help Control Major Mite Pest     Article

Potato Growers and Gardeners: Take Action to Prevent Late Blight     Article

Penn State Scientists Part of New Stink Bug Research Project     Article

Forage and Grazinglands          follow Follow Forage and Grazinglands on Twitter


Interseeding Teff Into Tall Fescue Swards to Improve Late Summer Forage Production     Summary | Article

Changes in Soil Test Phosphorus Levels on a Grazing Farm in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed     Summary | Article

Forage Yield, Nutritive Value, and Elemental Composition of Ten Native Prairie Plant Species     Summary | Article


Resist Temptation to Graze Drought-Weakened Pastures Too Early     Article

Wheat Pasture Useful Heifer Supplement, If Available     Article

Forage Know-How Gives Wisconsin Farmers an Edge in Growing Biomass     Article

Poor Forage Quality Requires Solid Nutrition Management This Winter     Article

Balanced Nutrition, Age Grouping Keys to Efficient Winter Cattle Feeding     Article

Hungry Cattle Turn to Acorns, Face Poisoning. University of Arkansas     Article

Ark Drought Continues To Worsen, Some Cattle Producers Hauling Water     Article

Develop Strategies to Reduce Feed Waste     Article


Applied Turfgrass Science          follow Follow Applied Turfgrass Science on Twitter


Annual Bluegrass Control in Seedling Creeping Bentgrass with Bispyribac-sodium     Summary | Article


Preemergence Herbicide Efficacy Under Athletic Field Traffic     Summary | Article


Should You Rake, or ‘Leaf’ Well Enough Alone?     Article

Georgia Sod Inventories Low, Prices Up     Article

BASF Professional Turf and Ornamentals Launches Granular Fungicide for Turfgrass Professionals     Article

Nitrogen Fertilizers' Impact on Lawn Soils     Article

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