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Number 142: November 26, 2013

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PMN Welcomes Chromatin as Latest Industry Partner


Chromatin provides high quality sorghum seeds to growers and producers who are attracted to the crop?s rapid maturation, tolerance to heat, cold and drought and high yields. Today, Chromatin?s products are sold in the U.S. and in more than 20 countries, where its sorghum seed is planted on over 4 million acres worldwide. Join the 80-plus industry, nonprofit, and land-grant university partners that support our nonprofit mission: to enhance the health, management, and production of agricultural and horticultural crops. Please contact us for details on how to become a partner.

Oomycete Diseases of Soybean and Current Management   Webcast

The Value of Pesticides   Webcast

Cotton Nematode Management in the South   Webcast

Bacterial Canker of Tomatoes and Management Strategies   Webcast

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Last Month’s Most Popular Articles

Applied Turfgrass Science: Triclopyr Reduces Smooth Crabgrass Bleaching with Topramezone without Compromising Efficacy   Summary | Article

Crop Management: Spring Wheat Production and Associated Pests in Conventional and Diversified Cropping Systems in North Central Montana   Summary | Article

Forage and Grazinglands: Yield and Stand Persistence of Switchgrass as Affected by Cutting Height and Variety   Summary | Article

Plant Health Progress: Diagnostic Guide for Gummy Stem Blight and Black Rot on Cucurbits   Summary | Article

Plant Health Progress

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The 12th I. E. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium: Host Plant Resistance and Disease Management, Current Status, and Future Outlook  Summary | Article

Proteomics Based Study of Soybean and Phakopsora pachyrhizi Interaction  Summary | Article

Host Defenses Associated with Fruit Infection by Colletotrichum Species with an Emphasis on Anthracnose of Blueberries  Summary | Article

Characterization of Resistance of Peanut to Puccinia arachidis  Summary | Article

Disease Resistance Against a Broad-Host-Range Pathogen  Summary | Article


Ceratobasidium Root Rot: A New Disease of Watermelon in Arizona  Summary | Article


Mississippi State University Experts Make Tarnished Plant Bug Recommendations   Article

Bred to Perform, High Oleic Soybeans Provide Proven Genetics   Article

How to Pick a Soybean Variety When Soybean Cyst Nematode Is Present   Article

DuPont Pioneer Introduces Optimum Leptra Hybrids With a Pyramid of Insect Protection   Article

University of Kentucky Researchers Identify Key Component in Plant Disease Resistance   Article

Agrisure Viptera 3110 is First-Ever Trait Stack Labeled to Control True Armyworm   Article

Current Soybean Cyst Nematode Management Practices Are Not Enough   Article

Sugarbeet Plant Health at Harvest Can Identify Production Issues   Article

Syngenta Spearheads Operation Pollinator   Article

Plant Pathologist: Growers Should be Aware of New Soybean Virus   Article

Tobacco Thrips Resistance to Cruiser   Article

New Research Proves TerraClean 5.0 is Effective Against Soil Diseases on Tomatoes   Article

Learn How to Protect Corn From Nematodes With Syngenta Online Tutorial   Article

DuPont Pioneer Introduces New Charcoal Rot Scoring System   Article

Fruit Fly Pest Can Prove Harmful to Crops, Advises West Virginia University Extension Expert   Article

New Articles from . . .

Applied Turfgrass Science - Crop Management
Forage and Grazinglands - Plant Health Progress

Crop Management

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Land-Applied Swine Lagoon Sludge Impacts Soil Concentrations and Crop Uptake of Zinc and Copper  Summary | Article

Impact of Starter Fertilizer on Cotton Growth, Development, Lint Yield, and Fiber Quality Production for an Early Planted No-Till System  Summary | Article

Comparison of Weed Control, Yield, and Net Income in Conventional, Glyphosate-Resistant, and Glufosinate-Resistant Soybean  Summary | Article

Potential of Spring Stover Harvest to Mitigate Stover Removal Impacts  Summary | Article

Grain Sorghum Nutrient Uptake and Yield Following Turkey Litter and Fertilizer Applications on a Claypan Soil  Summary | Article

Comparison of Pyroxasulfone to Soil Residual Herbicides for Glyphosate Resistant Palmer Amaranth Control in Glyphosate Resistant Soybean  Summary | Article


Soybean Study Evaluates Residue Control   Article

Protecting Irrigation Equipment From Winter Damage   Article

New Soil Test Information Needed for PMT Study   Article

New Online Guide Helps Corn-On-Corn Farmers Manage Challenges   Article

Pecan Research Taps Into Advanced Technologies   Article

Recommendations for a Late Soybean Harvest   Article

Drying and Storing Wet Soybeans   Article

Wood Chips Could Help Cleanse Farm Field Run-Off   Article

Bayer CropScience and Cargill Introduce InVigor Health for U.S. Farmers   Article

Managing Winter and Spring Annual Weeds   Article

Row Width in Corn Grain Production   Article

Fall Tillage Best Practices   Article

Drip Irrigation Helps Nursery Save Water, Labor   Article

DuPont Pioneer Experts Provide Fall Management Tips   Article

Callisto GT Herbicide Set to Provide Convenience and Performance   Article

Fall Gypsum Applications Likely Won?t Result in Long-Term Sulfur for Spring Planting   Article

Two New Winter Canola Varieties Released by Kansas State University   Article

Ohio State Weed Specialists Are Looking for Herbicide-Resistant Weeds   Article

Nutrient Expert Decision Support Tools for Maize and Wheat Launched in China   Article

Vetch Cover Crop, Fertilizer Practices Recommended for Organic Zucchini   Article

Five Precision-Ag Products That Are Progressing On-Farm Sustainability   Article

DuPont Pioneer Expands Availability of Pioneer Brand T Series Soybeans for 2014   Article

Farmers Gain New Weed-Control Incentives With 2014 Roundup Ready Plus Weed Management Solutions Platform   Article

High Nitrogen Rates Increase Micronutrient Uptake, Storage in Corn   Article

It?s Time for Fall Field Management   Article

Laser Technology Sorting Method Can Improve Capsicum Pepper Seed Quality   Article

Soybean Planting Tips to Help Growers Break the Yield Barrier   Article

Forage and Grazinglands

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Cool-Season Annual Grasses Interseeded into a Bermudagrass with Improved Cold Tolerancefor Grazing in the Upper South  Summary | Article


Still Time to Soil Test Hay Fields   Article

Vegetation Along River, Stream Banks Source of Winter Forage for Cattle   Article

A Different Way to Think of Feeding Hay   Article

Johnsongrass and Frost Can Be Bad Combination for Cattle   Article

Testing for Prussic Acid   Article

Applied Turfgrass Science

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Keep Mowing and Don?t Set the Mower Down   Article

Improving Success of Dormant Seeding   Article

University of Georgia Mobile Apps Help Professionals, Homeowners Care for Lawns   Article

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