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Issue 153: November 26, 2014 

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"From the Network" News


Call for ‘Focus on Soybean’ Webcast Presentations
Looking for to build more impact for your soybean crop management research? The ‘Focus on Soybean’ editorial committee is extending a call for applied, extension-style crop management presentations from all crop management disciplines, including agronomy, plant pathology, entomology, weed science, soil science, and others. Talks should be targeted at soybean growers and crop consultants and offer science-based information and recommendations that can be used in the field. For consideration, please send PowerPoint slides and at least one reference (name, position, affiliation, email address, and phone number) to

ATS, CM, and FG Journals to Merge Next Month
Effective January 1, Applied Turfgrass Science (ATS), Crop Management (CM), and Forage and Grazinglands (FG) will merge into one large journal titled Crop, Forage, & Turfgrass Management. This new amalgamation of the ATS, CM, and FG journals will launch in January as a one-stop resource for crop, forage, and turfgrass production research.

Individual PMN Subscription Price Slated to Rise. Subscribe soon!
As of January 1, 2015, prices to PMN subscriptions will rise by $1 for both member-based and regular subscriptions.  The new price for a personal member-based subscriptions will be just $40 yearly and $50 yearly for non-member, regular subscriptions. Not yet a subscriber? Start your subscription today to avoid the price increases!

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"Focus on" Webcasts


Update on Potato Sprout Control - Nora Olsen, University of Idaho


Tomato Diseases Favored by High Tunnel Greenhouses - Judson Reid, Cornell University 

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PMN Crop News


Agronomy and Horticulture

Rice Yield Increase of 30 Percent Enabled By Use of a Photosynthesis ‘Switch,’ Researchers Learn −  University of Arkansas

Hold Off On Tillage This Fall, Keep Soil Covered −  Iowa State University

Limus Nitrogen Management From BASF Now Available in the United States −  BASF Crop Protection

Soil Sampling Techniques −  Penn State University

Fertilizer and Liming Practices for Grain Crops in the Fall −  Michigan State University

Study Investigates Effect of Manure on Soybean Ground −  United Soybean Board


University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Panel Approves Three New Tomato Breeding Lines, Three Other Cultivars −  University of Florida

Forage and Rangeland Management

Fall/Winter the Time to Lime Pastures to Correct pH Levels −  University of Arkansas

Pasture Preparation Starts Now, Experts Say −  Louisiana State University

Insect Pests / Entomology

Bt Maize Could Increase Yields, Decrease Pesticide Use in Mexico −  Entomological Society of America-PIE Division

The Questionable Benefit of Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments to Soybeans −  Penn State University 


American Phytopathological Society’s ‘Plant Health’ App Now Even More “Mobile” in Android Format −  The American Phytopathological Society


Soil Testing the First Step to Keeping SCN Out of Your Fields −  United Soybean Board

Proper SCN Management Helps Minimize Soybean Yield Loss −  United Soybean Board

Fall Tests for Nematodes Help Keep Crops Healthy −  Mississippi State University

Plant Diseases

Select Your 2015 Seed With Disease in Mind −  Penn State University

Xanthion In-furrow Fungicide From BASF Receives Registration −  BASF Crop Protection


Storage Options Help Grain Growers go to Market −  Syngenta Crop Protection-US

Weed Management

Broadworks Herbicide: Syngenta to Introduce First HPPD Herbicide for Fruit and Nut Trees −  Syngenta Crop Protection-US

Dow AgroSciences Announces Launch of Enlist Duo Herbicide in the United States − Dow AgroSciences

Farmers Battle Herbicide Resistance With Harvest-Time Weed Seed Controls −  Weed Science Society of America

Dormant Winter Weeds Could Cause Planting Problems During Spring −  United Soybean Board 

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Featured Journal Articles

Plant Health Progress


Effectiveness of 14 Fungicides for Suppressing Lesions Caused by Phytophthora capsici on Inoculated Stems of Chile Pepper Seedlings

Phytophthora nicotianae Can Cause Both Crown Rot and Foliage Blight on Phlox paniculata in South Carolina

Development of Pre- and Postharvest Phytophthora Fruit Rot on Watermelons Treated with Fungicides in the Field

Fungicide Sensitivity Assessed in Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi Isolates from Lowbush Blueberry Fields in Maine


Onion ipmPIPE: A Coordinated Effort to Improve the Management of Onion Thrips and Iris yellow spot virusfor the U.S. Onion Industry

Plant Health Briefs

First Report of Turnip vein-clearing virus in Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) in the United States

First Report of Bacterial Pustule on Soybeans in North Dakota

First Report of Tomato mottle mosaic virus Infecting Tomato in the United States

Molecular Identification of a Tobacco mosaic virusIsolate from Imported Petunias

Forage and Grazinglands


Soil-Fertility Principles for Warm-Season Perennial Forages and Sustainable Pasture Production

The Bermudagrass Stem Maggot ( Atherigona reversura Villeneuve): A Review of Current Knowledge


No-Till Seeding Chicory into Bermudagrass Sod Results in Poor Chicory Stands in South Central Oklahoma


Assessing the Production and Nutritive Value of Warm-Season Legumes in Oklahoma and Texas

Cool-Season Annual Grasses Interseeded into a Bermudagrass with Improved Cold Tolerance for Grazing in the Upper South

Timing and Rate of Chaparral Treatment Affects Tall Fescue Seedhead Development and Pasture Plant Densities

Field Drying-Rate Differences Among Three Cool-Season Grasses

Winter Annual Legumes Overseeded into Seeded Bermudagrass ( Cynodon dactylon ): Productivity, Forage Composition, and Reseeding Capability

Hairy Buttercup Control and White Clover Tolerance to Pasture Herbicides

Effects of Harvest and Storage of Switchgrass on the Recovery of Carbohydrates during Dilute Acid Pretreatment and Enzymatic Hydrolysis

Using Dryland Annual Forage Mixtures as a Forage Option for Grazing Beef Cattle

Inoculants to Enhance the Ruminal Degradation of Small-Grain Forage

Fall Harvest Management of Eastern Gamagrass in Central Wisconsin

Stockpiled Forage Yield and Nutritive Value of Summer-Dormant and Summer-Active Tall Fescue in a Marginal Environment

Management Guide

Measuring Legume Content in Pastures Using Digital Photographs

Diagnostic Guide

Visual Reference Guide for Estimating Legume Content in Pastures

Crop Management


Evaluation of Wheat Planted on 15-Inch Row Spacing in Eastern Kansas

Influence of Herbicide Programs on Glyphosate-Resistant Giant Ragweed ( Ambrosia trifida L.) Density, Soybean Yield, and Net Economic Return in Glyphosate- and Glufosinate-Resistant Soybean

Corn ( Zea mays ) Emergence and Early Growth as Influenced by Tansymustard ( Descurainia pinnata ) Residue

Effect of a Strobilurin-Containing Fungicide Applied at Two Timings on Seed Yield in Tall Fescue

Effects of High Glucosinolate Mustard on Red Potato Yield and Skin Quality

Tillage and Grazing Impact on Annual Crop Yields Following Conversion from Perennial Grass to Annual Crops

Nutrient Sufficiency Concepts for Modern Corn Hybrids: Impacts of Management Practices and Yield Levels

Building Soil Potassium and Phosphorus in a Low-Testing Fescue Hay Field

Weed Suppressive Potential of Sudangrass is Driven by Interactions of Root Exudates and Decomposing Shoot Residue

Insecticide and Fungicide Wheat Seed Treatment Improves Wheat Grain Yields in the U.S. Southern Plains

Relationship between Planting Date, Growing Degree Days and the Winter Rye ( Secale cereale L.) Variety “Rymin” in Minnesota

Granular Fertilizer Spreader Swath Uniformity Achieved at Varying Target Application Rates

Effects of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers on Cotton Growth Characteristics

Crop Responses to Furrow Diking in North Carolina

Spatially Applied Soil Amendments Decrease Soil Property and Crop Yield Variability on a Small-Plot Research Field

Introducing Winter Canola to the Winter Wheat-Fallow Region of the Pacific Northwest

Economic Value of Herbicide Programs and Implications for Resistance Management in North Carolina

Evaluation of Winter Wheat Genotypes for Weed Competitiveness and Yield under Organic Production Management

Peanut Response to Crop Rotations Including Clary Sage, Snap Bean, and Sweet Potato

Stacked-Gene Hybrids Were Not Found to Be Superior to Glyphosate-Resistant or Non-GMO Corn Hybrids

Corn Yield Is Not Reduced by Mid-Season Establishment of Cover Crops in Northern Great Plains Environments


Assessing the Residual from Fertilizer Nitrogen Applied to Failed Corn on the Following Wheat Crop

Management Guide

A Web-based Decision Support System for Managing Panicle Caterpillars in Sorghum

Applied Turfgrass Science


Weed Control and Turf Safety of Single and Sequential Applications of Herbicides Over Spring Seedings

Flazasulfuron Tank Mixtures with Amicarbazone for Annual Bluegrass Control in Seashore Paspalum

Mowing Before or After an Herbicide Application Does Not Influence Ground Ivy ( Glechoma hederacea ) Control

Effect of Petroleum Diesel and Biodiesel Spills on Turfgrass

Comparison of Rotational Traction of Athletic Footwear on Varying Playing Surfaces Using Different Normal Loads

Volatility of Broadleaf Weed Herbicides When Applied to Turfgrass

Cultivar Performance of Low-Input Turfgrass Species for the North Central United States

Mowing Requirement and Cost to Maintain Bermudagrass is Influenced by Cultivar Selection and Trinexapac-Ethyl Use

Oviposition Preference of the Japanese Beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Golf Putting Greens under Different Soil Moisture and Fungicide Regimes

Applicator and Primo Effects on the Persistence of Painted Golf Course Water Hazard and Out-of-Bounds Lines on Bermudagrass

Cultivation Effects on Organic Matter Concentration and Infiltration Rates of Two Creeping Bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera L.) Putting Greens

Amicarbazone Application Timing Influences Overseeded Perennial Ryegrass ( Lolium perenne L.) Safety and Annual Bluegrass ( Poa annua L.) Control

Evaluation of Adjuvants on Flumioxazin Efficacy for Postemergence Annual Bluegrass and Residual Smooth Crabgrass Control


Influence of Simulated Rainfall on Large Crabgrass Control with Two Quinclorac-Containing Herbicides

Effect of Common Bermudagrass Mowing Height on Large Crabgrass Incidence

Applications of Preemergence Herbicides in Spring Do Not Affect Bermudagrass Traffic Tolerance in Fall

Recovery of ‘Chisholm’ Zoysiagrass after Sod Harvest as Affected by Simazine and Nitrogen Fertility

Seasonal Timing of Glyphosate Application Influences Control of Poa trivialis

Civitas Increases Clipping Yield on a Cool-Season Putting Green

Summary of Mehlich-3 P Data from Home-Lawn Soil Tests in Pennsylvania

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Last Month's Most Popular Journal Articles

Plant Health Progress: First Report of Tomato mottle mosaic virus Infecting Tomato in the United States

Forage and GrazinglandsCool-Season Annual Grasses Interseeded into a Bermudagrass with Improved Cold Tolerance for Grazing in the Upper South

Crop ManagementNutrient Sufficiency Concepts for Modern Corn Hybrids: Impacts of Management Practices and Yield Levels

Applied Turfgrass ScienceEffect of Petroleum Diesel and Biodiesel Spills on Turfgrass 

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