Plant Management Network News
Number 46: December 8, 2005


Proceedings of the National Soybean Rust Symposium Now Available

The Proceedings of the National Soybean Rust Symposium is now online. 
Published by the Plant Management Network (PMN), it is publicly accessible
through the PMN Soybean Rust Information Center. The publication contains
the symposium’s program, 43 presentations, 53 posters, and the results of
three breakout sessions conducted at the three-day event.

Presented by The American Phytopathological Society, eighteen sponsors, and
ten partners, the symposium was held November 14-16, 2005, in Nashville, TN.
An audience of more than 350 attendees participated in the event that was organized by symposium coordinator Gary Bergstrom, Cornell University; a program planning committee chaired by Anne Dorrance, Ohio State University; and an advisory board of representatives of several related organizations. The symposium was designed to 1) provide the best research and latest information on soybean rust acquired during North America’s first crop season with the disease and 2) to identify national priorities for strategic response and research planning on soybean rust.

According to Bergstrom, “The symposium successfully met its purpose. We have a wealth of information that we’ve compiled and are making available to all the key stakeholders dealing with soybean rust. Attendees were also able to walk away from the meeting with the latest information available on the disease. We anticipate the findings will play a significant role in plans for 2006.”

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