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Number 59: December 20, 2006

Soybean Rust Proceedings Now Available


The Proceedings of the 2006 National Soybean Rust Symposium is now posted in the Plant Management Network's Soybean Rust Information Center. “The 2006 symposium was successful in meeting a range of soybean rust informational needs for a diverse group of stakeholders, including scientists, commodity, government, and industry stakeholders,” said Don Hershman, symposium coordinator. “The symposium provided an excellent forum for presenting key information, while also allowing plenty of time for discussion,” he said.


Positions Available


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Plant Health Progress


Penicillium expansum Invades Apples Through Stems during Controlled Atmosphere Storage    Summary | Article

Seed-borne Fungi Detected in Sugar Beet Seeds Imported into India during Last Three Decades   Summary | Article


First Report of Powdery Mildew Caused by Golovinomyces cichoracearum on Coreopsis leavenworthii 
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First Report of Powdery Mildew of Eschscholzia californica (California Poppy) caused by Erysiphe cruciferarum in North America 
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First Report of a Serenomyces sp. from Copernicia x burretiana, Latania loddigesii, and Phoenix canariensis in Florida and the United States  Summary | Article


AVICTA Complete Pak Performs in Its Inaugural Season. Article

Disease-Resistant Cultivars Put American Elm on Comeback Trail. Article

Queen Bees Shown to Pass Viruses to Their Offspring. Article

TRILEX Advanced Gives Cotton Growers New Choice in Seedling Disease Protection. Article

To Catch a Pest, Scientists Fine-Tune Traps. Article

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Crop Response to Poultry Litter and Deep Tillage Following Land Leveling in a Clay Soil  Summary | Article

Row Pattern, Plant Density, and Nitrogen Rate Effects on Corn Yield in the Southeastern US  Summary | Article


New Alfalfa Varieties Available from Pioneer.

Create New Checklist for Hybrids on Corn-After-Corn Fields. Article

Iowa State Researchers Developing Machinery to Harvest Corn Stalks and Leaves. Article

Mixed Prairie Grasses Are Better Biofuel Source, U of M Study Says. Article

Research Confirms Science Behind Thiamethoxam Vigor Effect Found in Cruiser Insecticide Brands. Article

Electric May Be Cheaper Than Natural Gas When Farmers Water Crops This Spring. Article

Intensified Research Effort Yields Climate-Resilient Agriculture to Blunt Impact of Global Warming. Article

New Soybean Pulls Nitrogen from Soil, Not Air. Article

Pioneer Research Confirms Corn Kernel Size Has Minimal Impact on Yield. Article

Tobacco Growers Can Start Managing Disease for 2007 Crop Now. Article

GPS Might Improve Farmer’s Bottom Line. Article

New Label Shortens Vangard PHI by More Than Half for Almonds. Article

Testing Poultry Litter for No-Till Farming. Article

New Articles from Applied Turfgrass Science

ARS Seeks Partner for New Environmentally Friendly Fertilizer
. Article

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Forage and Grazinglands

Revisiting Robel’s Visual Obstruction Method for Estimation of Standing Crop in Grasslands    Summary | Article

Split Application of Nitrogen on Temperate Perennial Grasses in the Northeast USA    Summary | Article

Adjusting Fertilizer to Create Low-Phytate Crops. Article

Managing Winter Pastures During Drought. Article

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