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Number 71: December 19, 2007

Introducing “Focus on Soybean”

PMN is proud to announce its next-generation resource for crop management professionals, including growers, consultants, researchers, extension personnel, and students. Focus on Soybean is the first in a series of topics targeting the production of specific crops. The central feature of these focus topics will be educational webcasts presented by acknowledged experts in crop production and protection. An introduction to the focus topic concept can be viewed online. Focus on Soybean currently provides 4.5 hours of audio webcasts in eleven presentations with others in the making. Through this and future focus topics on other crops, PMN provides a centralized portal for credible information serving specific commodities and industries. In addition to the webcasts, focus pages also include search engines for related journal articles, extension publications, images, and other web-based resources. Focus on Soybean is partially funded by PMN’s partners in the soybean industry. Information on becoming a PMN Partner is available online.

PMN Welcomes the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture

The Plant Management Network welcomes the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture as its newest land-grant partner. Tennessee’s forests, pastures, and farmlands are its classrooms. So are the state’s gardens and arboretums, wetlands, and watersheds. The classrooms and teaching programs of the UT Institute of Agriculture are as varied as the people they serve. Its programs assist students, farmers, families, 4-H and other youth, agribusinesses, state and federal agencies, consumers, and the general public. The Institute of Agriculture is made up of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, the Agricultural Experiment Station, and UT Extension.

PMN welcomes all land-grant and academic/research institutions worldwide in building a true network in the applied agricultural and horticultural sciences. For information on the partners program, please visit us online or inquire by email.

2007 Salute to Partners...
Thank you to these industry, not-for-profit, and academic partners. Together they support the Plant Management Network and its mission: Providing Science-Based Solutions in Agriculture and Horticulture.

To learn more about or join the PMN partners program, visit us online or send an email.

Plant Health Progress Editor's Pick

What happens when Mississippi Delta land that favored populations of the reniform nematode, Rotylenchulus reniformis, after years of cotton is converted to sweet potato production? Craig Abel and co-workers document the impact of the reniform nematode on sweet potato yields and the value of nematicides in production in this month’s editor’s pick.

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Plant Health Progress


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Contans WG fungicide for Sclerotinia Control to be Marketed by Advan LLC  

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Forage and Grazinglands


Agronomic Performance of Stockpiled Tall Fescue Varies with Endophyte Infection Status  Summary | Article

Kura Clover Forage Yield Contribution Increases Over Time When Seeded in Mixture with Grasses in Southwestern Québec  Summary | Article

Compatibility, Yield, and Nutritive Value of Matua Prairie Grass with Interseeded Legumes  Summary | Article


Plants Toxic to Animals Available on WWW  Article

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Crop Management

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Applied Turfgrass Science


Does Spray Coverage Influence Fungicide Efficacy Against Dollar Spot?        Summary | Article

Long-term Trends in Meteorological Conditions Favorable for Dollar Spot in Eastern Portions of the United States        Summary | Article


Determining a Profile of Protocols and Standards used in the Visual Field Assessment of Turfgrasses: A Survey of National Turfgrass Evaluation Program-Sponsored University Scientists   Summary | Article

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