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Number 83: December 16, 2008

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Sipcam Agro Is PMN’s Newest Industry Partner

Plant Management Network welcomes Sipcam Agro to the PMN partners program. Sipcam Agro has set itself apart by offering customers a solid portfolio of traditional chemistries. Now the company is expanding its product offering by serving as a launch platform for new technologies. Sipcam is actively developing and registering differentiated products based on partnerships with research based companies. Sipcam’s commitment to expansion is exemplified with the recent acquisition of Advan, LLC, a new plant health company focused on green chemistry and bio-rational technologies. Advan, LLC serves the turf, ornamental, organic agriculture, home and garden markets of both the U.S. and Mexico. more >>

2008 Salute to Partners

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Plant Health Progress
Editor’s Pick

Hosts of Phakopsora pachyrhizi Identified in Field Evaluations in Florida

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New Articles (continued)
Forage and Grazinglands


Use of Limpograss in Grazing Systems in Florida Summary | Article


Know Your Dairy Farm Feed Costs   Article

University of Florida Releases New Bahiagrass Cultivar with Celebration Honoring Forage Pioneer Edwin Hall Finlayson, Longtime Agriculture Supporter Rep. Allen Boyd   Article

Asian Grasslands May Hold Global Promise   Article

CAST publication on Gene Flow in Alfalfa highlighted at the 2008 38th California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium Article

Corn Silage May Not Measure Up This Winter   Article

Hay Analysis   Article


Crop Management


Abundance of Predaceous Arthropods and Lygus spp. (Hemiptera: Miridae) in Response to Different Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates in Acala 1517-99 Cotton   Summary | Article

Variety and N Management Effects on Grain Yield and Quality of Winter Barley   Summary | Article


New Soybean Variety Sets Sights on Japanese Soyfoods Market   Article

New MSU Extension Publication Features Introduction to Sustainable Ag   Article

Selecting Corn Hybrids   Article

Yields All Over the Board in Ohio Corn Performance Trials   Article

Strong Hybrid Emergence, Stalk Shredding Improve Yields in Continuous, No-till Corn   Article

Syngenta, Dow AgroSciences Jointly to Develop Dow Compounds for use in Syngenta Seed Care   Article

Converting CRP Land to Grain Crop Production Requires Planning   Article

'Right Product, Right Acre' Winning Seed Strategy for Farmers and DuPont   Article

Cover Crop Practices Reported   Article

Scientists Serve up Mustard Meal to Tame Weeds   Article

Preparing for the 2009 International Certified Crop Adviser Exam Study Guide Available from IPNI   Article

Syngenta: 2009 AgriEdge Corn and Soybean Programs   Article

Soybean Chlorosis Scores Available Online   Article

Yields Surprising for Indiana Variety Trials, Despite Challenges   Article

Soil Fertility Management Helps Ease Farming Costs   Article

Syngenta to Offer New Fomesafen/Glyphosate Premix on Soybean   Article

Corn and Soybean Selection for 2009   Article

Nitrogen Tie-Up a Common Cause of Yellow Wheat   Article

Best Drainage Will Benefit Farmers and the General Public   Article

Presenting Prince, a New Blueberry Cultivar   Article


Plant Health Progress


Alternaria alternata and Plectosporium tabacinum on Snap Beans: Pathogenicity, Cultivar Reaction, and Fungicide Efficacy   Summary | Article

Cladosporium herbarum
Causes a Leaf Spot on Marshmarigold in Western North America Summary | Article

Integrated Management of Gummy Stem Blight of Watermelon by Green Manure and Melcast-scheduled Fungicides   Summary | Article


First Report of Powdery Mildew of Periwinkle Caused by Golovinomyces orontii in North America Summary | Article

Phytophthora alni
subsp. uniformis Found in Alaska Beneath Thinleaf Alders   Summary | Article

Verticillium dahliae
Causes Wilt on Sugar Beet Following Potato in Eastern North Dakota   Summary | Article


K-State Wheat Breeder Taking New Approach to Leaf Rust Resistance   Article

New Barley is Bad News for Russian Wheat Aphids   Article

University of Kentucky Researchers Lead the Way in Anthracnose Stalk Rot Research   Article

New Green Leaf Lettuce Leaves Leafminers in the Lurch   Article

Boll Weevil Feeding Habits Now Better Understood   Article

Invasive Species Management Crucial to Forest Health   Article

Non-Target Insects Probably Affected More by Insecticides than by Bt Crops   Article

Spinetoram Products Receive Registration in New York   Article

Pink Hibiscus Mealybug Found in North Georgia   Article

New Articles from . . .


Surface Firmness and Repair Tool Affect Golf Ball Mark Recovery   Summary | Article


Converted Organics' Liquid Fertilizers as Effective as Non-Organic Industry Standard in Turf Trials   Article

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